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St Louis bar offers $1 off pitchers for every TD scored against Rams each game this season

NFL: League Meeting Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

If there’s one team that’s given Pete Carroll problems throughout his time with the Seattle Seahawks, it’s the St. Louis Rams. Hopefully the LA Rams don’t pose that same threat and if the Seahawks can do damage against them this season, then St. Louis can still benefit even though the Rams left town.

That’s because St. Louis’ Hot Shots Sports Bar & Grill is offering $1 off domestic pitchers of beer this season for every touchdown scored against Los Angeles each week. Here’s the promotion as detailed on their website:

Join us every Sunday and hate watch the Rams with us all season long. Their losses are YOUR gains as we will offer Hotshots customers $1 Off all domestic pitchers for every TD against the Rams, every week! The more they give up (which will be a lot), the more you can win while we root on literally ANYONE else. We have not forgotten what Stan and his cronies did to our city so we will have your shot to take a few jabs at them each week as well. Come root on the Rams to lose like only they can at Hotshots and get cheap beer! It's a win-win!

From the menu, I can’t tell what a pitcher of domestic beer costs at Hot Shots, but if Russell Wilson can (finally) put together a good first half against the Rams, then perhaps they could knock $4 off the top with 30 minutes of football left to play. Seems like a good deal for those poor St. Louis fans, though I’m not sure how many of them frequent this particular bar; the one location in St. Louis that I Yelped had a 2.5-star rating (in case you thought this was like a promoted piece or something, clearly it’s not) with reviews like:

“I don't Ike this place for multiple reasons. One of the reasons is that the food wasn't single and when I told the waitress she said oh well and walked away.” (I hate it when food presents itself as not being in a relationship and then when push comes to shove, suddenly my fries “have a boyfriend.”)

“Went there last night for a final drink before last call. Watched a waitress argue with a bartender. Watched another waitress dry hump a customer. Actually had a waitress come over and tell us how drunk she was...this whole time i or my friends couldn't get a drink while 2 guys sat on stools behind the bar. I want a big fan before and certainly not now.”

“It is what it is..not the worst bar I've been to. Food was great but our waitress was a bit stupid. Still tipped her well :) ...they also have buck hunter safari there schibby.”

Also, 3 tacos for $1.25 ... These actually do look like tacos that would cost .40 cents each:

That being said, if you are someone reading this who does frequent Hot Shots, there’s some good news: You can become a Seahawks fan! Hot Shots has another promotion this season called “Find a NEW home team” for NFL fans that are pissed and can’t root for the Rams anymore. I think that’s a feeling that Seattle fans are very aware of and can relate to, so I appreciate that.

They’ve made their Hot Shots “South County” location an official Seahawks HQ for St. Louis fans who want to pledge their allegiance to Carroll’s crew for now and eternity. And I wouldn’t blame them.

At least we’ll never have to watch the Seahawks lose to the St. Louis Rams ever again.

Now who wants tacos?