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Seahawks training camp Press Conference: Cliff Avril, Kam Chancellor, Pete Carroll on mic

Transcripts and note from Monday's post-practice training camp day three.

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Three days of Seattle Seahawks training camp in the books. Here's what we learned from the players and coach Carroll on Monday from their press conferences:

Cliff Avril said:

  • Little more intense with the shoulder pads on. Especially with the younger guys because they have to prove they are tough, tough enough to play this game.
  • Little scuffle between Germain Ifedi and Michael Bennett is just about competing. Trying to see where his head is at and also letting him know we aren't soft as well. But it's all fun. All fun and games. We keep it on the field.
  • Right now the pass rush is about knocking the rust off for me and Mike. Getting a feel for our game. But to see Frank Clark and Jarran Reed and see what they are doing these first few days. I'm very happy where those guys are headed. Frank is taking some huge steps mentally, picking up the mental part of the game, because physically he has it all. So it's great to see those guys and it is all about continuing to grow mentally. Understanding the playbook and understanding the game.
  • I have always been impressed with Ryan Robinson. Unfortunately he got hurt last year so he couldn't really go out there and compete for a spot. He's very athletic. He's explosive. He doesn't say much but he always knows what to do and that is somebody you can rely on. It's good to see him out there and hopefully he can continue to keep getting better. Continue to compete and hopefully find a spot on the squad.

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Kam Chancellor said:

  • The first few days have been going great. Been a lot of poppin with the pads on.
  • The vibe feels like the [Superbowl] 48 year. Feels like everybody is out to prove something. The brotherhood is getting even tighter, out here having fun and not thinking a lot. Thinks guys are out to prove the brotherhood is still there.
  • Brandon Browner is taking the change to safety day by day. We don't see guys coming in and just getting it right away at strong [safety] because it is a lot of stuff to learn. There's a lot of detail to be on. A lot of little things. But he is getting it, day to day. He's getting better at his coverage. He's getting better with the calls every day.
  • It's about a brotherhood. We started a brotherhood here and we gotta continue with what we started with. That is the most important thing. (In regards to his holdout).
  • Focusing on my teammates most definitely allowed me to get past that. Getting back to where we left off. We want to get back to being at the top of the division, the conference and getting another ring. That's the main focal point. You can't do that unless you are focusing on each other.
  • When I talk to guys individually I tell them how important it is to stick together. It is about the whole team.
  • Guys aren't thinking a lot right now. They are out there just having fun.
  • I think my leadership comes from as a young kid I had to be the man of the house. Had to go out and get a job early to bring stuff to the table, to be a role model for my younger brothers. Watched Sean Taylor and modeled my on the field play after him.
  • My place last year was kinda up and down. Battling injuries. Some seasons I am more injured than others. It's hard to compare.
  • Is probably a pound or two heavier but in a good way; less fat, more muscle.

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Pete Carroll said:

  • Noticeable difference in intensity today with pads on for the first time. It stepped up the way we would hoped it would. I can't wait to see the film. We really worked the young guys a lot. I wanted to get them on the film for the first time. You wait all this time, months and months and months, and it is just not real football. This is closer to it. It isn't game-like but it is as close as we can get.
  • He must have because that is who he is  Ifedi being intense and having that reputation from college). He has shown that throughout. Nothing wrong with that. Very aggressive. Very tough. Willing to stand up for himself on the first day. That's pretty good.
  • It's totally everything. We're built on this thought. We have to prove it every day. If you're not that kinda guy then you don't fit in here. I'm not asking guys to do something silly but we are liking what we are seeing. We expect to participate on this practice field on a really high level and battle against each other day in and day out.
  • I think this is a unique vibe this year. There is something going on here that has come over a few years time. I think there is a little frustration that we aren't in control of the things we'd like to be. There are similarities to a lot of different times we have felt really good.
  • Frank's injury is something minor. He's okay.
  • J'Marcus Webb is huge. He understands how to play in the league. He has good starting experience. He has to adapt to our style. He didn't get a lot of work due to his calf strain during OTA's so really this is the first look. I need to watch the film to see what he looks like. He's definitely capable. He is a big man. He's got good feet and great length and all. He's got all the stuff we are looking for and he has played quite a bit. All of that really helps. We just have to turn him into one of our guys.
  • Ryan Robinson gets a better shot at making the roster due to Clemons retirement. Ryan was having a really good camp last year when he got hurt. He did an incredible job of getting back. That is a very serious injury. He looks good. We're going to manage him properly to make sure he is back. He has looked very good. He is really quick. He plays really hard every snap that he's out there so he has a good motor about him. He's going to get a really really good look.
  • Cooper Helfet did break a bone in his foot. It does require surgery.
  • When Kam is here and working he effects other people. His toughness, his mentality, his words, his leadership is just exemplary. It is great to have him around.
  • C.J. Prosise's injury is usually seven to ten days. He has a first degree hamstring strain. Gotta see how that goes. See if that holds up.
  • We used to practice three times a day. I don't know what we were thinking. Then we would practice two hard times a day and I don't know what we were thinking. Now we are in the right kind of mode where guys can handle it physically and maintain it. It was fine in the old days when everybody did it because everybody was worn out. You just saw worn out teams playing is what you'd see. It's not like that now. Now we are trying to keep guys at a really high level throughout. So the whole thing is to manage that. I think we have a great format, the way we handle camp. The days schedule is really beneficial for our guys to get a lot of rest which we really value. It seems to work out really well.
  • I think it is a really good group [in regards to the receiver depth]. It's a really good group. You saw a great catch out there by Goodley today. Kasen Williams had a big catch in the team period earlier. Anxious to see how it fits together with Kenny Lawler. We haven't seen a lot of him yet, he getting going and he made some nice plays yesterday. Tanner McEvoy is getting a shot. All these guys are going to get a really good look. We're going to see them all because you can't tell the difference. Doug McNeil is a guy also that is in the mix.
  • Cornerback competition with DeShawn Shead, Jeremy Lane and Tharold Simon is just getting going. Tharold had a great day today. He had a good day yesterday too. He is in really good shape. He seems to be leaner and in the best shape he has been in. Physically he's the best he has been since we have had him. It kinda shows up. He had two huge plays today. We're going to let a lot of time go by, play a lot of snaps and see how it plays out. It's really good to have that type of depth and competition going on at that spot.
  • Tharold has had a really really rough go. He's had a very unusual injury on each foot that he had to get through. We haven't really had a chance to see him over a long period of time. He's always had something nagging. That isn't the case right now. So he has a chance to uh...I could say put his best foot forward but ehhh.
  • Jordan Hill and Brandon Mebane are much different style of player. Jordan is a quickness and finesse guy. He's got a lot of moves, a lot of activity with a big motor. Mebane was a real big strong guy right at the point of attack. Very different.
  • We will ask him [Hill] to do what he does really well (in regards to run defense). We can play with different style of guys. He's in the midst of the competition and all that. But if we expect him to do the same thing Mebane was required to do it is not going to work out.
  • Gonna reassess Jimmy Graham and Thomas Rawls after the break on Wednesday.
  • It isn't about the [preseason] games [for Jimmy Graham] it's just about being out here and getting his reps. (In regards to what Jimmy needs to prove he is ready to play).
  • Yes, Christine Michael has improved as a pass catcher. He has worked really hard at it. We're moving him all around and treating him like he's a regular catcher. He didn't come to us with a lot of catches in his background and so he is doing a nice job running routes. It is definitely obvious he is more equipped and more confident than he has been in the past.
  • Zac Brooks is taking advantage of the time Prosise is out. He has had a couple of good days now. He is a very good catcher. He has receiving in his background as well. He's a versatile player. He has made a really good first impression.
  • I think the epitome of being a team guy is Richard Sherman mentoring the young defensive backs before and after practice. Reaching out to others. He has always been like that. They appreciate it tremendously but it is such a great expression of what it is to be on this club. They really look up to him. We are very grateful that he understands how important that is.

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My Thoughts:

  • I absolutely love hearing that Ifedi stood up Bennett multiple times in one on one drills and that when things got heated he lit MikeB up and they had to be separated. If that is any indication of what we can expect I am so pumped.
  • I love hearing that Mark Glowinski has looked great in drills today from some Seattle sports guys who are there and that Terry Poole is another guy that is looking great. Not only did he lose a lot of weight but apparently it looks like things have "clicked" for him and he is playing very physically. He could push Webb and if Webb looks poor and Poole looks good we could see a shakeup at RT.
  • I love hearing that Joey Hunt looked good. I feel like the information is back and forth depending on your source but I read Justin Britt looked good. And then Tharold who looked great which is fantastic news.
  • Tight end Brandon Williams really intrigues me. Not only are people excited about him who are there watching camp but during his pressers Pete has mentioned him multiple times on multiple occasions, I believe without being asked specifically about him. Word is he is a pass catcher and a blocker who runs good routes with soft hands. At 6'3 and 247lbs he's got a unique body type. If Jimmy really won't be ready to go week one (as some suspect) and starts the season on PUP we could see Williams earn the second or third tight end spot on the 53-man roster. Or if Jimmy is ready to go we could attempt to get him on the practice squad and if the hype is real and he isn't injury prone we could have upgraded our tight end depth behind our starters.
  • Granted the reporters are asking so the constant mention of Ryan Robinson is due to that but the hype he is getting. The positive reviews of his play, his knowledge of the game, his physical talents, wow. Dude sounds like he will make the roster if he stays healthy. I had him beating Chris Clemons back before Clemons retired.