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Seahawks Press Conference: Pete Carroll talks injuries, Thomas Rawls returns [Full Transcript]

Pete Carroll Press Conference 8.21.2016

Kevin Pierre-Louis was long snapping today? Leave it to Seahawks Head Coach, Pete Carroll, to contemplate the unfathomable: not giving one of 53 roster spots to a dedicated long snapper who's job is to do nothing else but snap long. Wait. Actually, why has nobody thought of using a linebacker before today? It’s so simple! In other dual-position news, we learn that the gap between Brandon Cottom, who is out for the year with a torn achilles, and the other fullbacks is exactly 6'4" and 290 lbs. Welcome back, FB-DT, Will Tukuafu!

Coach Carroll on the mic

What's up?

How's Nick Vannett doing?

He's surprisingly feeling pretty good. He got a pretty good sprain it looked like, from all the tests. He's responded really well. I don't know what that means, but the trainers are really pleased about that.

Jarran Reed?

Jarran’s got a sore toe. He did get his ankle a little bit, but that's probably okay. Sore toe, we got to see what that means, see how long it takes him. He seemed to have come back really fast last time. We'll see what happens.

Was that a high ankle thing with Vannett?


No timeline for him yet?

Whatever happened to when there was no such thing as a high ankle sprain? Did they not happen, or did we just didn't know? I don't know. There was no reference point then, there was, just, sprained your ankle; tape it up and go. You know?

When you got a chance to look at the line play on tape, what did you see from it?

I thought again, we ran the ball really well again. That's two weeks out of going out, really working the last scrimmage and getting everything going; probably averaging almost 5.5 yards per carry over the first two games. It's very consistent. And solid. Pass protection wise, we liked what happened the first week. There's almost a storyline for every one of the sacks we had. It's pretty clear and obvious what happened. We're going to do better. I don't like the numbers that hit us last week but we have to work together. Then there is real obvious reasons what happened. So hopefully we will make good progress against another good good group; a group that really attacks the line of scrimmage this week. See if we can keep getting better.

How detrimental is Michael Bennett’s dust-ups in practice?

This is a passionate guy and we got kinda riled up today. It was awesome that those two guys walked off the field together. That's what’s most important, how we respond to get back. He's kinda fighting for his own a little bit and one of the young guys got knocked around, he was standing up for him. He's got a lot of pride and he is an incredible competitor but he's gotta make sure he stays poised so he doesn't get himself in trouble. We had a good illustration of that today.

You sensing frustration because you have limited him in playing time?

Maybe. Yeah. Do I sense that? I don't know if I answered that question. Maybe that's part of it. There's a lot riding on this season for our football team. And we have to deal with that. I have really high expectations and that can heighten the passion and the intensity and all that mess. It's kind of something we're kind of used to out here.

How was C.J. (Prosise) coming along?

He's going to practice tomorrow. They just thought one more day here just to make sure after his rehab in the middle of the weekend. I don't feel if it's a weekend or not. Felt like a weekend. He should be out there tomorrow though. So it's really an important week for us to get him back, just so we can hopefully get him to practice everyday and get the process started for giving him a chance see where he fits in.

Could he play this week still?

He could. Yeah, he could. Depends on how the week goes.

How about the decision to bring Will Tukuafu back?

We brought Will in a while back, worked him out with the thought that we'll see how it goes with the other guys we have in here. Will has really brought an attitude to the position and an intensity that we really like. So we looked, we thought nobody was matching up to him, so we'll bring him in, see how he looks and how he works. He's a very versatile football player, very unique football player and we have our way of using him makes him somewhat valuable that he can play. He can give you some snaps on defense when you need it. And he's a real hammer when you block at the fullback position. So we're going to see how he does, and if he can fit in, and he can help the team.

What does it mean for the rest of the people that you kind of tried out at fullback?

They better take it as a message. We're still looking. The competition is on.

How important is that position to you still, I mean, despite the fact you're maybe doing some different things?

It still is. It's still just to keep the diversity to the offense. That's an aspect of it that we've always really liked and gives us an aggressive attitude. That’s why Will kind of fits that makeup. I mean he's two hundred and ninety some pounds you know, so he blocks as a fullback, that's an unusual position that he fills. And so it is part of our attitude, part of our makeup. He's one of our guys. We think the world of him. So if it can work out, it would be a real asset to have him again.

[Asked about the extracurricular stuff between Michael Bennett and the o-line; intensity of offensive line]

I think everything about everything is more intense than it's been. It just seems like the focus has been there to push to get prepared for the season. And I can't say we don't like it. We have to manage well and perform well. So far, we need to play better games. We get too many penalties. And we need to make sure we’re doing it right. I don't know if that's part of that or not but we're working on it to make sure it isn't.

How have they been about making sure it stays out on the field when practice is over?

I can give you a better illustration. You just saw it. We're very connected and there is a respect that’s here about competing and battling. Take it as far as you can and still respect the people across from you. And sometimes that line gets crossed a little bit. It is a very competitive world we’re in and a very competitive game we play. And these guys care with all their heart. We have to learn how to deal with that and manage that well.

Does Mike’s contract situation playing into anything with him?

I don’t know. I don’t know that.

[Do you think the increased intensity has forced you to change your approach?]

We’ve been coaching the same way we’ve always coached. It's the same standards and the same expectations for a long time now. Which is, we expect them to give us everything they've got, forever, and learn how to do that. That's not like, this season or this week. This is like twenty years. This is the way we operate, trying to find the best we have to give. These guys love being in this environment. We're trying to figure it out.

Brock Coyle didn’t play the other night?

No, he had a little oblique thing during the week and somehow that transferred into a calf thing [laughs]. I have no connection there. Anyway, he has a chance to practice tomorrow. So we'll see how it goes. He's had a very good time coming back. Looks like he's going to make it.

J'Marcus [Webb]?

Went back out today. Working. He's going to play this week. If everything goes well during the week, really important week for him to come back and compete for his spot.

How about Kasen Williams?

Didn't come out of the weekend, the game, very smoothly in that he wasn't able to go today. He's a day-to-day guy. He's really close to being back, but not yet.

How was Tony McDaniel?

He had a good game. He did a good job. You know, he was physical; tough at the line of scrimmage, got involved in a couple of plays. Like we said earlier, he showed up in really good shape and it carried over. I think he had about twelve plays. It will probably be about the same this week. We'll keep it down. But pleased to see him. We know that his style fits us and he takes us to a different kind of defensive end when we put him there. It’s a three technique. But when he plays defensive end, he plays huge and he has a real style about him. So that we immediately click back into that asset that he brings us. So we'll see how that works. But everybody's pretty fired up about it.

We talked earlier at camp about wanting to do more with Frank Clark this year. What do you see, the way he's moved around?

Shoot, I think he looks really good. He's exciting, he's explosive, dynamic football player. Like I was saying, we just need him on the field more. And so we've got different ways to do that. He's been effective. He's been hard to deal with so far so hopefully we're just going to keep adding him in. You'll see him in different spots during the season. Wait and see on that and what that is but we're preparing him to do that.

Paul Richardson didn't play a whole lot the other day. Is he fine, physically?

I don’t know how many plays he played… He was in there. He did fine. He did well in the rotation. We thought that he - contrary to what you just said - I think he played enough and for us and it was good for him to just get back at battling and all. He's had a really good camp and hopefully we can just keep him out there. He's a guy we're counting on.

How close is Thomas (Rawls) getting at this point?

He looks really good. I think the signs are very, very positive that he's going to be ready in a couple of weeks to play. Right now we just want to see him come back day after day and keep battling. Digging in like he does. Competing like he does just to show that he's right. He's doing everything we're asking him. We’re really happy with him.

What's the biggest challenge from that injury? Is it lateral movement or explosion?

It just depends on how it feels coming back from after the healing process. He has better days than other days. Some days he feels a little stiff or something. He's over it and he's healed. So now it's dealing with the workload. We're going to work him really hard the next couple weeks to make sure that he is ready and he will have made up time that he wasn't able to get earlier. And he's all for it and cranking and ready to go. I think what's really really a positive thing for us is to have Christine (Michael) playing the way he's playing. He's been a really positive addition and it allows us the really comfortable feeling of let's make sure we take care of Thomas throughout and when he comes back he's really raring to go.

Jimmy Graham, any difference in the [timeline]?

We're just moving up. We're just doing more. We're just improving, or increasing the work demands. He had some tests and stuff like that over the weekend that were very positive. And so we're just trying to find ways to keep making steps, again being very careful to do the right things. His mentality is good and his attitude is really good about it.

So the evaluation that you'd said was going to happen early this week...

Yeah, he made progress. He made good progress. And all of the work he's putting in is showing up so it's really positive signs.

What did you see from Alex Collins on film?

Well it’s good he got some carries, you know, six or seven carries in there. Opportunities weren't great, you know. He got some big penetration on the short yardages, shots that he had. But he looked better as the game went on, made some good moves. Had a nice catch and run. So we'll just continue to give him some work.

How about Troymaine Pope?

I though he was pretty exciting. We liked him. He looked pretty good. Needs to come back and see what that looks like the next couple of weeks too.

How is Kevin Pierre-Louis as a long snapper [in practice today]?

He was very careful. He was very careful. But the ball got there, we placed it down and kicked it. He did fine.

[Asked about Kache Palacio, who was working with the second team]

He's done a nice job. He's done a nice job of battling. He's showing good instincts. We've moved him. He was always an outside guy, we've moved him inside to see how he could play there. He's shown good instincts and aggressive nature and a run and a hit and it jumped out a little bit. We're anxious to see how he does the next couple of weeks. He needs to get a bigger role on special teams so that we have more to evaluate and get enough plays that told us something. So this week is really important that way, next week is too.

Are you seeing enough in practice for Browner's role, in games you’re not going to show it, but how do you assess that?

I think we're pretty clear on his strengths. He's shown enough stuff that we know where he's best at. And we feel pretty comfortable with that.

Anything else? Thanks, Coach.

Video Link

Thomas Rawls Press Conference

Dorsiflexion definition: backward flexion or bending, as of the hand or foot ergo, the ability to run wild against stacked, 8-man fronts. Thomas Rawls has dorsiflexion again and I’m overjoyed.

Take some hits, give some hits?

Felt good. No pads. We had a bonus day today. Got better today. Got a chance to get back out here and got better. I have to knock off the rust a little bit on the first couple plays I had, but overall I'm looking forward to getting better. Taking it day by day still.

I know some guys when they come back from injuries, they want that feeling of getting hit a little bit before the real game starts. Is that something you feel like you would benefit from?

The way I look at practices the same thing as a game, so when I come out here and practice, it's like a game to me. So I run hard. I finish my runs. I look for the contact. I know that the guy's coming to strip the balls. Try to hold it high and tight. I mean, I'll be ready whenever my number's called.

What do you think you have to do in the next couple of days or next week to get on the field in the preseason? Is there any timeline for you?

Just keep doing what I'm doing. I'm getting better each day. I'm working so hard. I'm out here. I'm in the film room making adjustments and making sure that I'm mentally ready to be out there also. I'm not worried about mentally or physically being out there. It's just repetition, practicing, and keep working hard. That's basically it.

Do you want to play in the preseason?

I’m just taking it day by day. Whenever my number’s called and if I'm out there, I'm out there. If I'm not, I know that I'll be ready by the first game.

What have you seen from Troymaine Pope?

Troymaine Pope? You know what, he's been progressing in his game. He's on the sideline asking more questions. He's been doing a great job today with the pass protection. Of course, we know he can run a ball. He's an amazing runner, but just locked in a little more and trying to elevate his game and it shows.

Tell us, during that rehab process, I know you said at times it was frustrating, challenging. Who'd you lean on? Who was in your ear? Who were you calling to kind of help you through those times?

I have a great support cast. Here around the building and also back home. Really, my mother, my father. Sometimes I do isolate myself just to try to challenge myself a little more. Add more on my plate, because later on when the season go by or whenever hard times come, it'll be a little bit easier to me because I'll put all those stresses on myself. So I know it sound kind of weird, but that's one thing I've been doing for a while now.

Getting back to the rehab. How’s the cutting and the gliding and the planting. Are you thinking about it, or just full bore?

It's in the back of my mind, but I really try to cancel it out and just play free. My ankle is strong. A lot of mobility back in it and so when I'm out there it's just full go; full tilt. I really don't think about it too much.

What do the training staff say about the toughest thing to get back? Is it the lateral movement or the explosion or what did they tell you about that?

Really just the dorsiflexion, just really the dorsiflexion. I can cut. I'm running fast and I've still got my accelerated burst. I can get better, so that's really it.

It looks like you’ll be able to go day after day, so there are no setbacks or anything?

Definitely. I've been in a routine of practices and getting more reps and finishing out practices and I'm looking forward to continuing doing it.

There's a lot of guys in the running back room. Has your role changed at all as far as being a leader with those guys?

You know the same way. Just taking the guys under my wing a little more. Just trying to help them out and bring them along, because I had my rookie year last year. C-Mike (Christine Michael) is also doing a great job of it. Displaying it on and off the field, so with that being said I'm looking forward for these young guys to be okay.

Thanks Thomas.

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