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Marshawn Lynch goes back to school: Beast Mode is running with the scout team for Cal

Washington Huskies v California Golden Bears Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

As a running back for the California Golden Bears, Marshawn Lynch is second to nobody. His 3,230 career rushing yards do rank second in school history, but it’s just 16 yards shy of leader Russell White and came on 137 fewer carries. He had 35 touchdowns in three seasons, never reaching less than double-digit scores in any given year. He’s a legend at Cal, so it’s understandable why Lynch has gone back to the football program now that his NFL career is over.

On Tuesday, news surfaced that Lynch was with Cal in Australia as they prepare for their season opener against Hawaii on Friday — the first college football game Down Under since 1987.

Lynch’s “world tour of 2016” dropped by Sydney and not only was he with Cal, but he was in pads running with the scout team.

He’s also apparently become a close mentor to Cal running back Vic Enwere, who scored eight touchdowns on only 106 carries last season as a sophomore. Lynch also suited up for Cal back in 2013. Head coach Sonny Dykes emphasized the importance of having someone like Lynch around as they prepare to open the 2016 college football season:

"It was fun to get Marshawn out here," said head coach Sonny Dykes. "It's always fun to have him around our program and supporting our guys. It means a lot to our players. It just means a lot to our University and our football program that he's out here and that he cares. He flew over here just to be around our guys, and we really appreciate his support. It was fun to see him out there in gear, running around today. He looked pretty good. He looked like he still could play, a little bit. We'd love to have him. I really appreciate what he does for our program. It means a lot to our players, and really means a lot to all of us."

If you’re interested in snagging a Marshawn Lynch Cal bobblehead this year, the school will be giving away 10,000 of them when they play UW on November 5, commemorating the day he rode the golf cart.