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Yahoo! Fantasy Football with Field Gulls

This is your last chance

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

If you have not noticed by now, Field Gulls and Yahoo! have gotten a bit friendly as of late. As such, the annual Field Gulls fantasy football league is being run with Yahoo! Sports this year. Our league will draft on August 31st.

Though this 16-man gauntlet filled up with contestants within mere minutes of being posted, there was a mass influx of requests from others who wanted to join.

Being a part of a fantasy league of other people you talk with, rather than anonymous people with whom you’ll never speak, can make all the difference in a fun season- or one that become nothing more than a weekly task. As such, I encourage you to create a league and then post it in the comment thread here. You can use it as a gathering/advertising place for your new league.

Here is the link to create your own league. Good luck this season, everyone.