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Get the Cigar Thoughts Season Retrospective eBook right here!

With the advent of a promising 2016 upon us, re-live one of the wildest, most tumultuous, most exciting seasons in Seahawks history with the Cigar Thoughts Season Retrospective.

Easy to forget all of the insane moments from last season, like this game-winner from Doug Baldwin. Mercy.
Easy to forget all of the insane moments from last season, like this game-winner from Doug Baldwin. Mercy.
Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Football season is back and wow, that's my first time writing that this year and damn does it feel good!  I wanted to run this back for you you guys, as the feedback from those of you who've bought the book has blown me away. As I've mentioned before, this was a project I've wrestled with doing in a unique way for a long time and thanks to the visual geniuses at Gravit Digital I think we've finally done it.

It means so much to have the opportunity to write for you guys each week during the season and I hope this eBook serves as an entertaining reminder not so much of the season as a whole, but of all the individual rises and falls throughout. One of the great privileges of writing Cigar Thoughts is that they're done in the turbulent, exuberant, sometimes perplexing state that immediately follows the end of a 'Hawks game. It is my hope that this book pulls you back in to the various emotions we felt last year and gets you amped for Seattle's run at the title in '16.

The eBook is more than just a re-printing of those articles; it's loaded with new features that, I believe, are singular to this project, and the result is a multimedia experience exceeded even my lofty expectations. I've never worked on anything that has meant more to me than this book and I've poured everything I have into it. But that's not why you should get it.

The Cigar Thoughts Seahawks Retrospective is a journey back through the wild, tumultuous, exhilarating 2015 Seahawks season. On top of being a collection of the Cigar Thoughts articles (which, by the way, are laid out in a really sharp format), you'll also get:

*Dozens of handwritten notes from an after-the-season perspective
*Original artwork from renowned northwest artist Logan McQuaig from Novato Studio
*Links to highlights
*Clips from the Cigar Thoughts podcast
*Shareable social media quotes
*Instant online access as well as a downloadable version you can take with you on your phone and tablet
*Over 100 pages of content
*And a bunch of other cool features

The entire experience is only $9.95 and will not only put the whole project on all of your devices, it will give you instant online access to all of the content and features as well. I've never seen anything quite like this in sports writing before and it is an absolute honor to attach my name to it. You can pick up the book here:

Something occurred to me as I was going back through the articles. Once a season is done, the way it ends distinctly colors our memories of them. Re-reading these, I found myself yanked back into the whirlwind of the year, re-living moments that had been shuttered by the awkward way the season ended. It was such a neat experience to remember how I felt throughout the season, like how, based on what I wrote, Russell Wilson went from under-performing automaton to world-crushing MVP. Or how Thomas Rawls transitioned from serviceable backup to running back of the future, with a higher ceiling than any RB in Seahawks history. Re-experiencing the fall of Cary Williams, the rise of Doug Baldwin, the perplexity of Jimmy Graham, and the will he / won't he Marshawn Lynch ride reminded me how much I had erased from my memory banks.

I was brought back into the frustration of the first six games, the elation of the miracle playoff win in Minnesota, the teeth-grinding anxiety of the Steelers game, the "this feels right" emotions accompanying the month of blowout victories, and the boastful celebration following the beatdown of the Cardinals. It was an amazing season and I hope y'all enjoy going through it half as much as I did.

More than anything, though I wanted to create something that would mean a lot to you. The Cigar Thoughts readership has become this smart, funny, opinionated community and my favorite thing about writing these posts is getting to interact with y'all and see your responses. This never happens without you and it is my greatest aspiration that you will find this worthy of your time.

Here's a quick intro video that lets you know where we're coming from on this.

And here's a sneak peak of what the layout and content includes:





So there it is, folks. All that's left is for you to check it out and I'd be extremely grateful to get your feedback on it. Onward, upward, and cheers!