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The Film Room: How C.J. Anderson, Broncos used 22/23 Slam to gain big yards vs the Panthers

Carolina Panthers v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Edit: If the video does not display, you have to click the “Watch on YouTube” button or follow this link here.

The 2016 regular season officially commenced with a back-and-forth match-up between the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Denver Broncos, playing the Carolina Panthers at home. The Panthers were a favorite as Peyton Manning retired and the Broncos had to rely on a new quarterback Trevor Siemian. Instead of throwing their running back to the wolves, Gary Kubiak showed a revamped running game led by C.J. Anderson.

In this video breakdown, I took a look at how the Broncos outside zone stretch and how they paired that with the 22/23 Slam “gap” style play to gain big yards.

C.J. Anderson finished this game with 92 yards on the ground, another 47 yards through the air, and two touchdowns. The offensive line did a fantastic job blocking for him opening up big holes in the Panthers’ stout defensive front.

While the Seattle Seahawks wouldn’t play the Broncos unless they met in another Super Bowl rematch, the Seahawks face the Panthers in Week 13. Darrell Bevell should consider following the Broncos blueprint to beat this out-of-division foe.