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NFL Week 2 Power Rankings: Seahawks lose some ground but remain top 5

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Seattle Seahawks Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Power Rankings updates came out on Tuesday, and isn’t that important? Isn’t that exciting?

Right here at SBNation, where Danny Kelly used to do Power Rankings before leaving for The Ringer, the Seattle Seahawks remained at 3 behind the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos. In those rankings, the Arizona Cardinals also fell from 1 to 10 while the Broncos jumped from 10 to 2.

Over at Yahoo! Sports, the Seahawks actually improved from 3 to 2 after their 12-10 win over the Miami Dolphins that most analysts and casual observers hated.

But ESPN looked at Seattle and said “dump those chumps” by dropping them from 3 to 2 (!!!) in their Power Rankings, behind the Green Bay Packers and Patriots. A relevant moment indeed.

Haterist of all, had enough of the Seahawks, dropping them by TWO spots from 3 to 5. The write-up for NFL described Seattle’s defense as “the Dennis Eckersley of football,” which confused the hell out of me for a long time until I realized he didn’t say “Dennis Erickson.”

Other Power Rankings around the world also happened, I believe.