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Seahawks reveal color rush uniforms, can confirm they are green

The NFL will be having teams wear their “Color Rush” uniforms on Thursday Night Football this season, beginning with the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills this Thursday and eventually leading into the Seattle Seahawks and LA Rams on December 15. The jerseys are bright, bold, and most important: highly-sellable.

Well, the Seahawks jerseys for the Color Rush program were revealed this week and I can confirm they are green.

A full gallery of the uniform can be found on with Bobby Wagner, Kam Chancellor, Thomas Rawls, and Doug Baldwin wearing the uniforms that are green. There were also these thoughts:

Are the Color Rush uniforms an upgrade over Seattle’s lime green jerseys of yesteryear? Yes. Such as this comment from Michael Yantz, a guy who cares about Seahawks jerseys so much that he runs a website about it.

“Every time a different website or company does the ugliest uniforms of the NFL, those jerseys from 2009 come up every single time,” Yantz said. “I love the blue. You know, we have Blue Friday, we don’t have Green Friday. Our primary colors are blue and white, like they’ve been for the past 40 years.”

So there you have it, the Seahawks have some other uniforms. They’re greenish.