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NFL Week 2 Early Games Open Thread for Seahawks Fans

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Week 2 in the NFL, when some teams start to really assert themselves as either 2-0 or 0-2. And then you’ll hear all the stats about X% of teams make the playoffs after such a start and so on. These are the early games:

Dolphins at Patriots, root for: Miami. Would only increase Seattle’s strength of victory for now.

Titans at Lions, root for: Tennessee. Detroit looking nice in the NFC to start out the year.

Bengals at Steelers, root for: Cincinnati.

Saints at Giants, root for: I think New Orleans. Make both teams 1-1 instead of New York 2-0.

Ravens at Browns, root for: Them poor boys in Cleveland.

Cowboys at Redskins, root for: I think at this point it’s too early to know which of these teams is better and therefore a bigger threat to present themselves as a potential roadblock to a wild card. Go with your heart.

Chiefs at Texans, root for: If it works for KC, there’s a good chance it works for the Seahawks, because they are very similar teams.

49ers at Panthers, root for: As much as I’d like to see Carolina at 0-2, and as little as I believe that San Fran can maintain a good record after a 2-0 start, I am not interested in seeing the Niners gain confidence. So I’m rooting for the Panthers but do what you feel is right.