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Seahawks-49ers preview: 3-minute thoughts podcast snippets

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Seaside Chats podcast has been inconsistently released due to the many duties I now have as managing editor at Field Gulls, host of several podcast on Field Gulls, writer of many things on Field Gulls, etc. Instead, I decided to try something different with the podcast, delivering shorter tracks on a single topic rather than a full podcast. You can listen to whatever you WANT to listen to! Not necessarily the whole thing. We’ll see how this goes.

On Blaine Gabbert:

On Russell Wilson’s health:

On the Seahawks situation at running back:

On what’s wrong with the Seattle offense and why it’s silly to put the blame on people who you have no attachment to like you do the players or Pete Carroll:

And finally, my prediction for the game, including the score:

Are there any topics you want covered for a future 3-minute Thought podcast? These will be easier to get out more often.