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The Pregame Insomnia Podcast Episode 3: Fall of the (Greg) Roman

NFL: Buffalo Bills-Minicamp Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

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The feed for the podcast was just refreshed so it may not show the newest episode just yet, but it should soon.

This week's podcast features:

-Greg Roman is toast in Buffalo

-Monday Night Football dead? (Blowouts, bad announce crew, bad matchups)

Fun Games

-Browns blow it and kill another QB Ravens at Browns

-Houston is 2-0 Chiefs at Houston

-Same old Green Bay Problems Packers at Vikings Vikings now 2-0

Wrapping up personal picks

-Jets at Buffalo 37-31 Jets

-Jags at Chargers 38-14 Chargers win. Blake Bortles is awful.

Week 3

-Ravens @ Jags

-Jets @ Chiefs

Brief Intermission

Part Two Includes:

Seahawks at Rams Wrap up.

Arizona destroys Tampa Bay. 40-7 Tampa @ Arizona

San Fransisco can't last 60 minutes vs Carolina 49ers @ Carolina

Picking San Fransisco at Seattle

Enjoy the show and Go Hawks!


We had one plane fly over and some construction work. I left that stuff unedited as the interruptions were short and I had a little plane story to share. I’m learning that I move my face a lot and so I tend to fade in and out of the mic. I think I need a new chair. Does anyone have a good recommendation?

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