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NFL Week 3: Early games open thread for Seahawks fans

NFL: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Week 3 in the NFL and the early games are on. It was on Thursday that the New England Patriots improved to 3-0 without Tom Brady, with zero help from Rob Gronkowski, and without Dion Lewis, Rob Ninkovich, Sebastian Vollmer, Jonathan Cooper, and down to their third-string QB. So yeah, that’s not scary for the rest of the league.

Vikings at Panthers: Root for ... Minnesota? This one is a little bit tricky because who know that the Vikings would be the undefeated team, the better-looking team, but with all the injuries can they sustain that success? On the other hand, I think Carolina was really overrated going into the season and I don’t think that defense is going to be great again.

Broncos at Bengals: Root with your heart.

Browns at Dolphins: Root for the Browns, because why not? Root for the Dolphins because it makes Seattle’s Week 1 win look better.

Ravens at Jaguars: If Gus doesn’t get a win soon, the leash might run out.

Cardinals at Bills: Root for Buffalo, obviously.

Raiders at Titans: Oakland has stripped Ken Norton Jr of defensive playcalling because they so far have the worst defense in the NFL. Not a good sign for another former Pete Carroll disciple.

Lions at Packers: Don’t honestly know that Green Bay is better than Detroit anymore.

Redskins at Giants: Root for Washington. The Giants are sneakily 2-0 and have had a very solid defense through two weeks.