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FitzTragic: This Ryan Fitzpatrick lowlights video from KC game shows 6 INTs weren’t even half the problems

NFL: New York Jets at Kansas City Chiefs John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks travel to face the New York Jets on Sunday and if Ryan Fitzpatrick plays three times better than he did against the Kansas City Chiefs, there’s a good chance that the Seahawks will win. Yes, if he plays three times better, he’ll still be really bad.

Fitzpatrick was 20-of-44 for 0 TD, 6 INT, 4.27 Y/A, and a rating of 18.6 in the loss. It was the worst game by a QB in the FootballOutsiders era dating back to 1989. But the picks were only the beginning of the problem as you’ll see in this “FitzTragic” lowlights video from the game. (Note: You’ll probably have to click the link to watch the video at YouTube because the NFL is on top of these things.)