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Seahawks-Raiders recap: The good, the bad, and the ugly

The Seahawks escaped Thursday night with questions at backup quarterback and few injuries

Seattle Seahawks v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The last preseason game ended Thursday night. My thoughts are down below.

The Good:

  • Kache Palacio: Palacio displayed great effort Thursday night. Despite going unnoticed for much of the preseason, Palacio was all over the field while recording 7 tackles and a forced fumble and recovery. For the majority of the night I thought the defense played alright. Palacio was the only Seahawk that stood out to me in an otherwise mundane game. I think Palacio has potential and it would be great if Seattle could sneak him onto their practice squad for the year.
  • Lack of injuries: The lack of injuries from this game was the best part. Defensive tackle Jordan Hill was the only player injured during the game, sustaining another hamstring injury. What every team doesn’t want is for a contributor or area of depth to take injuries in the last preseason game. The Seahawks fan base should sing a collective “Hallelujah!” with the squad relatively healthy for week one.
  • Troymaine Pope: Pope put on another positive performance against the Raiders. He tallied 52 yards and a touchdown on 8 carries. Pope yet again demonstrated a quick burst when running through gaps and the agility necessary to avoid defenders in the second level. I think Pope has made a strong enough case to warrant a roster spot; Pete Carroll and John Schneider will have a hard time deciding the depth of this backfield.

The Bad:

  • Special Teams: The special teams played how you’d expect second and third-stringers to play in the final preseason game; not very good. Special teams were playing average at best into the 4th quarter, but the kickoff return for a touchdown they allowed when the game should’ve been over was abysmal. I assume that the players who incorrectly played on the unit will not be continue to be on the team and the special teams play will increase by the time of kickoff against the Dolphins.
  • Trevone Boykin: Boykin’s preseason roller-coaster preseason finally came to an end. Against Oakland he did not look like a quarterback that you would feel confident in if your starter went down. He threw the ball poorly and displayed below-average decision making throughout the night. I’m not sure whether or not Carroll and Schneider are confident enough in what they’ve seen with Boykin, or if they’re going to spend all weekend scouring the waiver wire.

The Ugly:

  • The pace of the game: My least favorite thing about NFL football is the final preseason game. The game is useful to help determine the final spots on your team and who you want for your practice squad, but outside of that it is just terrible to watch. There were moments during the 4th quarter were I was confident the game was never going to end. Games like that really make you appreciate the regular season and meaningful football.