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John Clayton: Yesterday’s “Morning Drive” segment on Brock & Salk [Transcript]

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I figured I’d post a transcription of the “Morning Drive with John Clayton” from Friday’s Brock and Salk show — so keep in mind this was all before the Seahawks made their final cuts. Always worth getting The Professor’s take on which players may surprise by making the team (or by not).

This segment aired about 15 minutes into the first hour.

[Asking if the last Preseason game was a let-down] Was that because of the product in general? How much of that had to do with the backup quarterback (Trevone Boykins) for the Seahawks last night?

No, it was league-wide. It was more than just the backup quarterback of the Seahawks. You look around the league and you see a lot of bad football and a lot of people resting. For the most part, the Seahawks were one of the few teams that at least put their starters out there on offense for eight plays. Most teams didn’t even do that. So, it was bad, but I think from the backup quarterback standpoint, this is the first time now since the OTAs that the thought is there that maybe they might have to go out and get a veteran quarterback. I think that Trevone Boykin took a little bit of a step back. And by putting a step back, you can even hear from Pete Carroll after the game, that... when you give it to, “We’ll See,” there’s conversations to see is it better to go get that insurance policy.

Who was the first team or teams to say, we’re not going to roll into the season with three quarterbacks. We're going to go with two. How did that trend start and do you see a maybe a reverse on that trend?

I don't see a reverse in that trend. It started literally about I'd say ten years ago. Maybe well particularly when they started to adjust and after the forty-six man roster. Because remember there are forty-five active players and forty-six are active. So what happened is I think maybe Mike Shannahan might have been one of the first to start doing it and then everybody started copying. To a point now where you have fifteen, sixteen, seventeen teams that go into the season with two quarterbacks and then maybe having a quarterback on the practice squad. Part of it was when they had the practice squad added in there. It started with eight now it's ten. So you figure we have somebody that we can use if we need to and you don't get two quarterbacks hurt. But I know just in the first couple years. I think the Jets for example they did it. Bill Parcell's doing it, and in one game two quarterbacks got hurt. So it's a dangerous thing to do but more than half the league is doing it.

John, we saw Christine Michael get the run with the ones yesterday, we saw Thomas Rawls come in yesterday and take the ball a few times,with twos that looked ready, who's your starting running back next Sunday?

I think it's going to be Christine Michael because they're kind of, they were very happy with the two plays that Thomas Rawls was on the field and how well he ran but I think that Christine has done such a good job. Now of course Christine can't... He's got to make sure he does everything right in all the practices, everything right in all the meetings and all that stuff to be able to do that but it looks to me he gets a little bit of a nod, but I think going to be it's clearly a shear position.

How about a right tackle?

Right tackle? I mean nothing was great on the right side. I think that Gary Gilliam probably still have that edge because of having done that last year. I don't know if J'Marcus Webb did enough to be able to knock him out of that starting job.

I love the (Troymaine) Pope. He loves (Alex) Collins. Who do you love?

I think Collins. I just think he's more talented. Pope has been more effective in the pre season. But I think that there's just more upside there with Alex Collins. Because when you look at Pope you pretty much see a guy that's a good backup. When you look at Alex Collins you see a guy that potentially can be a starting running back.

That's what I was thinking about it when it comes down to these two guys. Because Pope has been really good. I'm not anti Pope. The guy's been fun to watch and super explosive. The question is to me is what do you want out of your fourth running back? The oddity of this whole thing is that really both guys have been better than C.J. Prosise, John. Who I know is going to be on the team and has a lot more left in him. But he hasn't exactly shined in his opportunities.

No, but that's because he's been hurt. That hamstring injury really has held him back and to the point where Pete Carroll at one point just, hey, it’s frustrating waiting to get him out there. Because there’s so many things he can do. The difference with C.J. Prosise is that he has such a unique roll. He’s going to be the third down guy. He’s gonna be the guy they come to in a passing situation. And so, it’s a different type of role that he has compared to the other three running backs. That gives him a little bit of an edge there. Although, the one thing that does help Pope out, I think Pope can be that passing down kind a back.

That’s the thing, he could have been an intriguing option in that role. Prosise is going to make the team. They love him. Pete loves him. If you were just going on these preseason things, you’d say Troymaine Pope is your third down back and Alex Collins would be the fourth guy. It’s kind of interesting how that shakes out.

Let me ask you this, John. I love the (Keenan) Lambert, Kam Chancellor story. Does he make it on to this team? Did he play his way onto this team. Big game yesterday.

Oh, he did well. Let’s put it this way. He’s done everything to at least press Kevin Pierre-Louis for a chance to make the team. I still think that Kevin makes it because of special teams.

I’ll disagree with you. Who the heck knows, but, I thought, once again, KPL was terrible last night as a linebacker.

Yeah, but again, special teams I think is where he can do some good things. But you’re right about that. I think at this stage, he’s in jeopardy. Lambert has done more this preseason and very well could slide in there. So that’s going to be one of the interesting decisions that’s going to come out over the next twenty-four hours.

How about (Kache) Palacio?

I know Jessamyn McIntyre likes him a lot.

I know! The whole ‘Coug nation’s excited about him.

Yeah, no question. But he’s fighting an uphill battle. But I think what you can also see is that I think he’s done well enough that he can make the practice squad. Because now the question becomes, if you put him on waivers, is he going to be able to go through waivers? And I would say yes. And if that’s gonna be the case, he can be one of the ten guys.

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