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Seahawks vs Jets, NFL Week 4 preview podcasts

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Seattle Seahawks v Buffalo Bills Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

The Seahawks and Jets face off on Sunday at 10 AM PST at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. To preview the players who are in and the meaning of those who are expected to be out, I recorded a few mini-podcasts. Listen to them at your leisure and subscribe to Seaside Chats (or Real in the Field Gulls, I can’t tell at this point) on iTunes!

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On Eric Decker being OUT:

On the last time Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jets OC Chan Gailey faced the Seahawks defense:

On the value of Christine Michael as a number one back:

What Jimmy Graham’s newest injury means for the Seattle offense:

and finally, my prediction:

This is the format I’ve tried out this time but it’s not necessarily the format that’s going to last forever. Last week, I got negative feedback AND positive feedback. So anything is possible.