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Prediction Post 2016: Job Opening For Local Hawkstradamus

Just answer a few questions correctly on this here annual questionnaire

American Express Dinner On The 50, August 27 In Seattle
you, you wish
Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images for American Express

Drunk Viking and Blake Whitney would like to cordially invite you to succeed them as Field Gulls’ Hawkstradamus.

Drunky won for his 2014 guesses; Blaky won last season after scoring points on four separate questions, winning two of them. All you have to do to join those guys in everlasting glory is outscore everyone else on the quiz below. (Hey: If you know the future, be sneaky and still get some of the questions wrong on purpose, so we don’t burn you and stuff.)

Just like last year, the quiz will contain individual questions, team questions, and league questions. Just like last year, you’ll need to place in the top three of all entries to receive points. Just like last year, the reward for winning is threefold: fame, bragging rights, and 144 Gullbux.

Good luck, not that you’ll need it, future winner.


Pro tip: do provide the tie-breaker info. It broke ties on many of the questions last time.

A) Russell Wilson’s passer rating (tie-breaker: total yards)

B) Total carries and yards for Thomas Rawls (tie-breaker: rushing TD)

C) Total receptions and yards for Jimmy Graham (tie-breaker: TD catches)

D) Jon Ryan’s punting average (tie-breaker: number inside 20)

E) Tyler Lockett’s all-purpose yards (tie-breaker: total TD)

F) Frank Clark’s total sacks + tackles for loss + forced fumbles + picks, expressed as one total number (tie-breaker: accepted offsides for Michael Bennett)


G) Amount of defensive players named to Pro Bowl (tie-breaker: amount of offensive players honored)

H) Longest non-ST play from scrimmage, by whom, in which week

I) Most points scored in a single game by the Seahawks, in which week

J) Total team point differential (tie-breaker: provide points scored and allowed)

K) Team leader in total tackles, solo plus assists, with amount (tie-breaker: who finishes in second place, with amount)


L) Win totals for top 8 AFC teams

Sample: DEN 12, CIN 12, NE 11, KC 11, TEN 10, NYJ 9, BUF 9, PIT 8. Winner is the person with the most correct teams in order. Ties are broken with win totals.

M) Win totals for bottom 8 NFC teams

Sample: SF 2, DAL 4, NO 5, STL 5, CHI 6, PHI 7, MIN 7, ARI 7

N) Final NFC West standings, with W-L records

O) Name the NFL leaders in sacks (how many?) and in rushing yards (how many?)

P) First 4 teams in the 2017 draft order (tie-breaker: which four teams will appear in the conference title games)


You’ve got a week. Well, not quite. Until kickoff on Thursday. Go.