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Michael Bennett on The MMQB Podcast: “People don’t appreciate the things that I do”

NFL: Preseason-Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

SI’s Peter King has a new podcast called The MMQB Podcast and Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett was one of the first guests.

In the show, Bennett talks about his political views, living in Hawaii, and how the NFLPA should be stronger. “There’s not enough outside people as part” of the NFLPA, noted Bennett.

He also gave an explanation of why he’s not holding out.

“I know what type of influence I have on my team. I’m a leader on this team, from defense all the way up, and I feel like if I go the wrong way, if I sway the team a certain way, it’s gonna go downhill, you know? If one of the best players is all of a sudden not a part of what the true mission of what the goal of us to do is I feel like that we won’t have as much success. I had to put myself back for a second and think about the team for once and for a part of what we’re doing and I just kinda put it back and focus on this season and focus on what’s going on and focus on my teammates to make sure that we are back to Houston, Texas [site of Super Bowl LI] and I think that’s what’s important.”

Bennett also said that in terms of not being as noticed in Seattle as Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Russell Wilson, or Marshawn Lynch: “People don’t appreciate the things that I do,” in that he is playing every position along the defensive line and playing run defense.

He also said that everyone in the organization — from the equipment manager to the GM and the owner — should take a hit so they can understand what the players go through. And finally on how he wants to be remembered he wants people to say, “Damn, that motherfucker was a great father.”

For the full interview, you can listen to the show on iTunes.