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The Pregame Insomnia Podcast Episode #1 (2016) The Mystery of Jeff Fisher’s Mustache

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Kickoff for Charity Luncheon Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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This week's podcast features:

- Discussion of The Rams in L.A.

- Discussion of the extreme youth movement in the NFL

- German Ifedi’s injury

- A two back system for Seattle?

- We hit on each NFC West team breifly

- Carefully we unravel the mystery of Jeff Fisher’s mustache


This is a bit different than our usual format and the show is a bit discombobulated. This is because it was hastly thrown together as my equipment arrived just the day prior. We weren’t sure if there was going to be a recording session. There was only about 10 minutes of show prep. However, those familiar with the show will be glad to note we will be returning to our regular format next week.

There are a few errors including no discussion of this week’s game. and an equipment mishap, but we hope to have everything ironed out next week.

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