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Former Tom Cable player gives coach endorsement, says Seahawks o-line will be much better next year

New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks

Tom Cable is the source of much controversy, both as a coach and as a person. The Seattle Seahawks offensive line coach, as well as being the top assistant to Pete Carroll, is under heavy scrutiny for the fact that the offensive line was the worst unit on the team, but that hasn’t stopped the San Francisco 49ers from interviewing him for their head coaching vacancy. Many fans think that he is a bad coach because of the Seahawks offensive line and his days with the Oakland Raiders, but a former student of his — ex-NFL tackle Elliot Vallejo — did an AMA on Reddit this week and had positive things to say about his old coach:

Question from modernmann: Talk about the Seahawks.....We have Tom Cable as our line coach, outside of our young line, what's your take on our Oline, and coaching?

Answer: “I had the pleasure of working with Tom Cable at both (briefly) UCLA and at the Raiders. He is a great o-line coach, but he doesn't have a lot to work with at Seattle. Cable needs more time to truly make them a unit. I predict they will be MUCH better next year. To me, it seemed like they improved throughout the season and this will likely continue through the off-season.

No comment on Pete Carroll”

Vallejo’s time in the NFL was brief and un-notable. He was an undrafted free agent who played for the Arizona Cardinals and Raiders, retiring in 2010 and I don’t believe he ever made it into a regular season game. His time in Oakland was even more brief, lasting from about December of 2009 to June of 2010, including a release in between then. He mentions how brief his time with Cable was, but that does give him more insight than your average fan. It’s good to see that a former college and pro offensive lineman (who lives in the Northwest now as a systems engineer) saw improvement with Seattle’s line.

I have no idea what the “No comment” on Carroll means, given that he wasn’t even asked about him. Must not be a fan.

As the Seahawks look to rebound from their up-and-down season, obviously offensive line is the big question mark. Justin Britt will be the center and may get an extension. Germain Ifedi and Mark Glowinski probably retain their jobs at guard. The team must bring in competition for George Fant at left tackle and they probably go hard at finding a real solution at right tackle. Cable is another question mark if the 49ers decide to make him their next head coach; with Josh McDaniels and Kyle Shanahan both advancing in the playoffs, it could be three more weeks until either is available to take the job in San Francisco. These appear to be the only three candidates, so could that give Jed York enough of a reason to pull the trigger if he gets impatient?

The Niners, and any team considering Cable, must also make note of his off-field issues, as he is accused of hitting an assistant in Oakland and breaking his jaw, as well as domestic violence accusations from three different women.