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NFL highlights video of Seahawks-Falcons ignores crucial penalty on Kevin Pierre-Louis

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

For me, the Seattle Seahawks season ended when Kevin Pierre-Louis was called for a penalty on an Atlanta Falcons punt. The punt originally resulted in a long return by Devin Hester. Instead, it was called back, the Seahawks were placed at their own 4 (isn’t it interesting too that instead of a re-kick on a penalty that occurred at the line of scrimmage, they added it to the beginning of a run that should’ve never happened, if you think about it logically?) and Russell Wilson was tripped by his own teammate, resulting in a safety.

Seattle led 10-7 before the safety. If the Hester call stands, they’re in chip shot field goal range and very likely punch it in for a 17-7 lead. I was so dejected when the flag was thrown, especially for something so stupid, that I began to lose hope immediately. The ensuing minutes in which the Falcons pulled away and won were of no surprise to me. For me, the game ended on the dumb KPL penalty.

For the NFL, the penalty didn’t even warrant a mention.

In the video of highlights, with Kam Chancellor mic’d up, the penalty was never mentioned. It just immediately cuts to Wilson’s safety without any context. That is disappointing. Not necessarily because I think the league had some conspiracy to oust Seattle or cover-up a controversial flag, but because it makes them look ignorant of the moments that actually mattered. What were players saying at the moment of the return? At the moment of the call? We don’t know now.

If that wasn’t bad enough, they also ignored the lack of a review on Luke Willson’s fumble/Wilson’s interception on the play that essentially ended the game. One of the main problems that fans run into is that they assume that refs are biased rather than thinking that refs are just bad. I don’t think refs are biased, I think most of them are bad. The refs in this game were horrid. The NFL didn’t show any of that, however, just painted a narrative that the Seahawks got their asses kicked.

I do believe Atlanta deserved to win the game, but the narrative in this video about the game is completely manipulated and ignores the most crucial moment of all.