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Greg Scruggs and a handful of other former Seahawks who could get a Super Bowl ring

NFL: Super Bowl XLIX-Seattle Seahawks 12Fest in the Desert Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I always liked Greg Scruggs. An intriguing prospect when the Seattle Seahawks drafted him in the seventh round in 2012 (the draft that keeps on giving, even to other teams), Scruggs also just comes off as a good human. The 6’3, 277 lb defensive lineman-turned-tight end would often tweet about charity opportunities during the holidays, and seemed quite selfless.

Too bad he’s on the New England Patriots.

Though Scruggs has not had much of a career — five seasons, seven games played over the last four of those — he’s managed to stick around. I’m sure his attitude and personality have a lot to do with that. Because he’s the type of guy coaches like to keep around, Scruggs will be a member of a team going to the Super Bowl for the third time in the last five seasons. He won a ring with the Seahawks in 2013 (though he didn’t play that year) and got an NFC Championship in 2014. He was waived in 2015 and then later caught on with the Chicago Bears, playing in one game and recording three tackles and a sack. The Bears then moved him to tight end in 2016 and released him, but he was quickly picked up by the Patriots.

Unfortunately, he went on IR two weeks later.

Still, Scruggs has three conference championships to his credit and could get a third ring if New England wins over the Atlanta Falcons. I may not be rooting for the Patriots, and he may not have had anything to do with their success, but I’m always rooting for Greg Scruggs. Here are some other former Seattle players and coaches who could get a ring this year.

Alan Branch, DT, Patriots

Branch never got to a Super Bowl with the Seahawks, as he played for them from 2011-2012 after four seasons with the Arizona Cardinals. He played for the Buffalo Bills for one season before going to New England and beating his former team in Super Bowl 49.

I feel no desire to root for Alan Branch.

Justin Coleman, CB, Patriots

The only other player on this list who is an active member of a 53-man roster for either team, Coleman was on Seattle’s practice squad in 2015. An undrafted free agent out of Tennessee, Coleman had been with the Minnesota Vikings and Patriots (both as a practice squad player) before coming to the Seahawks. He went back to New England in 2015 and has played in 20 games for them since, recording 29 tackles and eight passes defensed.

He was on Seattle’s practice squad for three days.

B.J. Daniels, WR, Falcons

Now a four-year veteran, Daniels has survived due to versatility and athleticism. He’s on Atlanta’s practice squad, now his sixth team. He was on the Seahawks from 2013-2015, catching two passes for 18 yards and returning one punt for seven. Dan Quinn picked him up a little over a month ago after spending the season as a free agent.

Jimmy Staten, DT, Falcons

Another player familiar to Quinn, Staten was drafted in the fifth round in 2014, but he didn’t even make it to the final round of cuts that year. He’s since been on the New York Giants, Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, and Bears.

He’s been on Atlanta’s practice squad for one week.

(The nitpicking technicality: No team has to give a practice squad player or anyone not on the 53-man roster a ring. But teams can give out as many rings as they want to, even to certain fans. They can choose to do whatever they want with the 150 rings the NFL gives them, but can also buy plenty more.)

O’Brien Schofield, DL/LB, Falcons

A talented player, Schofield’s seen his career drift away from him due to injuries, which was a problem that has been plaguing him since college. He was on the Seahawks for both of their Super Bowl seasons and was with Atlanta from 2015 to early 2016. The team released him in October. He may also get a ring if they win.

Dan Quinn, head coach, Falcons

And of course there is Quinn. I would assume at this point Quinn is a beloved figure in Atlanta. Not so a year ago after they blew a great 6-1 start. But a win would certainly guarantee him security for quite some time. Even if they lose he’s got some security, but we’ve seen what happened to Jim Caldwell and some others after Super Bowl losses. Quinn was Seattle’s DL coach from 2009-2010, and defensive coordinator from 2013-2014.

Marquand Manuel, Secondary/Senior defensive assistant, Falcons

Of course, Quinn would bring some of his guys with him to Atlanta. Manuel played for the Seahawks from 2004-2005, then coached under Carroll from 2012-2014 before following Quinn to the Falcons. At the combine last year, he asked Eli Apple, “So, do you like men?” So that’s something.

Who am I missing?