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2017 NFL Mock Draft: Seahawks going Florida-heavy with their 9 picks by Matt Miller

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NCAA Football:  Florida at Louisiana State Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With the Seattle Seahawks headed to the playoffs, we know what range they’ll be picking in (32-32) (just kidding, for the “you jinxed ‘em!” folks) but also know already what their needs are: 17 new offensive tackles. Pete Carroll and John Schneider are also probably going to be looking at: Guard, running back, SAM linebacker, pass-rushing defensive tackle, cornerback, safety, wide receiver, kicker, punter, longsnapper ... wait, how did this team get so many needs?

Well, Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller posted a 7-round mock draft this week, giving us a peak into what he thinks the Seahawks biggest needs are. Here are the results:

26. Caleb Brantley, DL, Florida

57. Roderick Johnson, T, Florida State

89. Marquez White, CB, Florida State

101. Devonte Fields, Edge, Louisville

(4th round pick traded to Patriots in move to get Quentin Jefferson in 2016)

170. Marlon Mack, RB, South Florida

181. Seth Russell, QB, Baylor

211. James Quick, WR, Louisville

231. Randall Goforth, S, UCLA

248. Cameron Tom, C, Southern Miss

My biggest note would be: It’s dumb to criticize Matt’s seven-round mock harshly. This is an incredibly arduous task and he knows going into it that the goal is not to be accurate. Nobody could possibly be that accurate with a seven round mock in January, when we already know that anyone who even does a first round mock on the morning of the draft is at best going to be 40-percent accurate. The goal here is to identify needs and identify draft eligible players who may be able to fit those needs. And sometimes yes, to just try and put a square peg near a round hole and see how it looks.

Maybe Seattle is overjoyed with Trevone Boykin and with no history of keeping three quarterbacks under Carroll wouldn’t draft Seth Russell, but what does it make us think of when we see a world where they do draft a quarterback? It makes me think that this front office wouldn’t pass on a great QB prospect in the fifth or sixth round if they thought he was a great QB prospect. Right? The New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers aren’t afraid to have “too many QBs” and neither would the Seahawks.

Brantley is a 6’2, 300-lb defensive lineman for the Gators whose notable goal line stand against LSU would fit perfectly on Seattle’s defense. My first thought is that Brantley’s strength should be against the run, like Jarran Reed, and that wouldn’t be where I think the Seahawks need to lean. They need someone to put alongside Reed, and they’re already developing Jefferson to be a Michael Bennett-lite. So Brantley probably wouldn’t be my pick in this range, but I see what Matt is thinking.

Johnson clocks in at 6’7, 311-lbs, and PFF’s profile of him this year saw a player who was great in run blocking, but inconsistent and poor in pass protection. If that were the case, he wouldn’t be my first choice for rebuilding Seattle’s o-line. I would hope they find some tackles that can immediately step in and protect Russell Wilson ... as best one could hope a rookie could do any pass protection.

What are your thoughts on the Seahawks needs and if you’d be satisfied with those needs being met with a class such as this one? For the draft-heads, any insight you want to add to the discussion about any of these players, or others you like for Seattle?