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Seahawks playoff schedule: Seattle advances to play Falcons in divisional round

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks beat the Detroit Lions on Saturday in the first round of the NFL playoffs, meaning that they will advance to the divisional round for the sixth time in seven seasons under Pete Carroll, including each of the last five. In two of those seasons, the Seahawks defensive coordinator was Dan Quinn, who will be trying to send Carroll to his fourth divisional round loss.

Quinn’s Atlanta Falcons will host Seattle on Saturday, January 14, at 1:35 PM PST. The game will be broadcast on FOX.

It will be almost four years ago to the day from the Seahawks 30-28 loss to the Falcons in the divisional round, which was on January 13, 2013. Quinn was coaching for the Florida Gators at the time, when Gus Bradley picked up a head coaching gig with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Carroll called his former defensive line coach to come lead his defense. Quinn held the position for two years before advancing to lead Atlanta in 2015 and he will now be going up against his former team for a chance to take the Falcons to the NFC Championship game.

Atlanta got into this position on the last day of the season after beating the New Orleans Saints to keep the Seahawks at bay and in the three seed. Seattle beat the Falcons 26-24 in Week 6, though that was a home game. The Seahawks went 1-4-1 against NFC teams on the road. Atlanta went 5-3 at home.