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Yes, that’s right, Thomas Rawls actually is the best running back for the Seahawks

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NFL: NFC Wild Card-Detroit Lions at Seattle Seahawks Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Oh hey there. How are you? How’ve you been? What’ve you been up to? Oh nice, yeah, that was a good game. Great to see the Seahawks win another playoff game. Yeah, yeah. Maybe they will have a big obstacle to overcome with the Falcons next week...winning on the road is tough. Winning on the road in the playoffs is even tougher. And yeah, that’s true, that’s true. The passing game didn’t look good at all against the Lions. Stopping Matt Ryan with Steven Terrell as your deep safety seems insane. Could be— could be the end of the line for Seattle indeed. At least they made it this far in a season with so many negatives along the way. Not many franchises could say that.

Oh, and at least they have Thomas Rawls.

Did you see that guy run around and rumble through defenders and shed blocks and find seams that didn’t even seem to exist until he burst out on the other side of them. Huh...hmm...yeah, I guess you’re right. I guess that is what he did last season on his way to leading the NFL in yards per carry and DYAR. That’s so interesting. You’re right, he was the best running back on the Seahawks last year and was one of the best in the NFL. He did play much better than Marshawn Lynch behind the same offensive line. And yeah, as a rookie he did have two games with more rushing yards than Lynch had in any game of his career. That’s funny, he did do that again against Detroit on Saturday with 161 more rushing yards, a playoffs franchise record.

Yeah, haha, true, he did also become the first player in franchise history to rush for at least 100 yards in one half of a playoff game. That’s funny. Hmm, yeah, I didn’t really think of that before, but I suppose that’s true, he is obviously a lot better than Christine Michael. Weird. Yeah, true, Michael never really ran through blocks or gained more than what the offensive line gave him. I mean, a running back can’t really ever truly be successful doing that with Seattle because the line isn’t going to give you much. You really have to do what Rawls can do.

That’s a good point, you’re making. It did remind me of that time not long ago that Rawls had 106 yards and two touchdowns on only 15 carries against the Panthers a month ago. I guess I did forget that the Seahawks best stretch as an offense was when Rawls returned from injury midseason. Yeah, I guess I did overlook that a healthy Rawls is truly the best way for Seattle to get through Atlanta and make a path to the Super Bowl. Hmmm, I suppose that’s true, the Seahawks may have been able to beat Carolina in the playoffs last season if Rawls hadn’t broken his ankle.

For sure, for sure, it’s fair to say that maybe we shouldn’t have been judging Rawls until we gave him an opportunity to get completely healthy and start trusting his body again to not fall apart because it’s so key for him to make contact so he can break through it. No doubt, no doubt....Rawls really is the best running back that Seattle has had all year and is much better than Michael.

Good points, all of them.