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Enemy Reaction 2017 NFC Wild Card Game: Detroit Lions

Wild Card Round - Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks kept the Detroit Lions out of the end zone, and kept their long-suffering fans suffering for another year longer without a playoff win. Seattle has won more playoff games this decade (9) than the Lions have in their entire 87-year history (7).

It’s time now for some Enemy Reaction, featuring game thread comments from Field Gulls and Pride of Detroit. If you like reading about the other team’s constant referee whining, you’re in good luck today! It definitely gets worse as we get deeper into the 2nd half.

Seahawks defense stops Detroit’s offense on 4th and 1 (0-0)

Paul Richardson makes magic happen (7-0 SEA)

Matthew Stafford connects with Marvin Jones for 30 yards, setting up Detroit field goal (10-3 SEA)

Thomas Rawls dashes for 32 yards on 3rd and 1, with help from Russell Wilson (10-6 SEA)

Anquan Boldin commits his 2nd personal foul penalty of the game (13-6 SEA)

DeShawn Shead is spared a pass interference call due to the pass being ruled as “uncatchable” (13-6 SEA)

Thomas Rawls gets into the end zone with ease (19-6 SEA)

Paul Richardson makes more magic happen (19-6 SEA)

Seahawks benefit from questionable roughing the passer call (19-6 SEA)

Butt catch! (19-6 SEA)

Doug Baldwin steals a touchdown from Jermaine Kearse to cap off the scoring (26-6 SEA Final)

Post-Game: Refs sucked, but playcalling ended the Lions season

The refs sucked in the Lions loss. That’s fair to say, and even neutral fans noticed. The missed calls were a plenty – Paul Richardson’s facemask, TJ Jones being tackled before the ball, Stafford being thrown like a wrestling dummy – but it’s not all the refs’ fault.

Against Seattle, the Lions weren’t in a close game. Refs can’t affect a game by 20 points, and if the last Lion’s game was a seven-point differential, that is the refs’ fault. But it wasn’t so it isn’t.

Instead, blame the play calling for the Lions’ defeat. From the offense to the defense, the Lions were collectively out-coached repeatedly in the playoffs blowout. It was a messy game for the Lions bosses, and that isn’t great. - Shepard Price, Sidelion Report

Post-Game: The Lions were fun this season, but they were not good

For Detroit, this once-promising season will ring hollow. There's no escaping it. Jim Caldwell tried telling everybody last week that making the postseason was an accomplishment, but this is further illustration of why it's not. There were no championships of any kind. No playoff victories.

Who's going to be telling their grandkids about that time they saw the Lions get curb-stomped by Aaron Rodgers, then not score a touchdown in a one-and-done trip to Seattle?

No, Jim, you didn't accomplish anything. It was fun while it lasted, but you didn't do anything meaningful either. That's why backing into the playoffs -- and that's what you did, Jim -- did actually mean something, despite your protestations to the contrary. Because instead of hosting a playoff game, they were sent to Seattle, where nobody's won in the playoffs since 2004. It was essentially a death sentence.


The Lions were fun this season, but that's different than being good. They were not good. They beat up on also-rans, but were exposed against playoff teams down the stretch. They were a flawed team capable of entertaining, but not contending.

And a season so unique, ended in the same old bitter disappointment. - Kyle Meinke,

Post-Game Audio Link: Opponent audio recap with Lions announcers Dan Miller and Jim Brandstatter (KJR’s Softy Mahler Show)

Post-Game Video: Thumbs down to the defense (Everything King)

Enemy Reaction Flashback: Atlanta Falcons

Next up for the Seahawks is a trip to Atlanta, where the Falcons will await them. You may remember the pain, joy, and then pain again when they last played Atlanta in the playoffs. We’ve already seen one Seattle-based football team have their season end in the Georgia Dome (Washington vs. Alabama), so I’d rather not see it happen again.

This isn’t the only Enemy Reaction for the week. I’ll have a special wild card recap edition for the other three games of the weekend. As always, thanks for reading and go ‘Hawks!

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