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Seahawks once again achieve “Scorigami” with 46-18 blowout over Colts

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

To quote the great Jon Bois, “Scorigami” is “the art of achieving a final score in an NFL game that has never happened before.”

The Seattle Seahawks used a monstrous 2nd half to steamroll the Indianapolis Colts 46-18, in a game that featured a safety for the Colts, a failed two-point conversion by the Colts, a successful two-point conversion by the Seahawks, and a missed field goal by Blair Walsh.

At 39-18, the Seahawks set themselves up for Scorigami. The touchdown by J.D. McKissic to wrap up the scoring still kept Scorigami alive, and even if the Colts had gotten a garbage time TD to make it 46-25, that would’ve also been a Scorigami.

Since Pete Carroll became Seahawks head coach in 2010, this team has mastered the art of Scorigami. Check this out:

2010: Seahawks 36 Cardinals 18
2011: Seahawks 36 Giants 25
2012: Seahawks 58 Cardinals 0
2013: Seahawks 43 Broncos 8 (I like this one the best)
2014: Seahawks 36 Packers 16
2015: Seahawks 39 Steelers 30
2016: Seahawks 37 49ers 18
2017: Seahawks 46 Colts 18

Isn’t that amazing?