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Chris Carson injury: Rookie’s dream season with Seahawks may have come to early end

Indianapolis Colts v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Chris Carson earned his way to the top of the depth chart this year by outplaying Thomas Rawls, Eddie Lacy, and C.J. Prosise — three dudes who had much better resumes than the seventh round rookie — because he was the most complete back on the roster. Perhaps the most complete back the Seahawks have had since Marshawn Lynch.

Unfortunately on Sunday night he had a moment that was far too reminiscent of the players he beat out for the job, Rawls and Prosise, than it was of Lynch; Carson had his lower leg rolled up on in the second half and was carted off with an aircast on to secure the injured area. Per former NFL team doctor David Chao, the injury could be a “ankle fracture/dislocation” which would mean that Carson’s season is over:

Carson was carted off with his leg in an air splint. X-rays will certainly be positive. Russell Wilson said after the game he heard something, which was likely Carson’s bone breaking.

Carson will undergo surgery and start rehabbing and getting ready for the 2018 season.

It could be a tibia and fibula fracture but is more likely a fibula fracture with associated ligament tear like what Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota had last season.

The good news is he has an excellent chance for full recovery, though not for this season, no matter how far the Seahawks were to go in the playoffs.

Lacy had his best performance in a Seattle uniform after Carson went out and the ball will presumably go back to him and Rawls next week against the LA Rams. Rawls was a healthy scratch on Sunday, while Prosise was once again out due to an injury. J.D. McKissic scored two touchdowns against Indianapolis and will almost certainly be another option out of the backfield.

It’s been an exciting summer of Carson, but it appears that his rookie season story has had a sad, premature ending.

Update: It appears Carson did indeed break his ankle.