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NFL tinkers with week 7 schedule, Seahawks-Giants won’t be pushed back to 10 AM

Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants Photo by Ron Antonelli/Getty Images

At this time of the season, the NFL has the option for “flex scheduling,” with the fairly recent addition of being able to “cross-flex” certain games from FOX to CBS and vice-versa.

From a Seattle Seahawks perspective, there was the possibility that the team’s week 7 matchup at the New York Giants would be moved out of the 1:25 PM PT CBS doubleheader slot. When the schedule came out in April, this was circled as a marquee matchup worthy of top billing. The Giants are 0-5, seemingly destined for 0-6 given their next game is at the Denver Broncos and they literally lost three wide receivers for the season last week.

Thankfully, the NFL has kept Seahawks-Giants in its place, but moved the Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers from 10 AM to 1:25 PM, presumably making that the feature broadcast. We’ll probably see a lower-ranked CBS commentary team and not JIm Nantz and Tony Romo. Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears switched from FOX to CBS, but we don’t really care about that.

In case you’re wondering, there is precedent for late games being moved to the early timeslot. When the Arizona Cardinals played the Carolina Panthers last season, that was supposed to be the national late game on FOX, but their respective underwhelming records meant they were flexed to 10 AM, much to the annoyance of the easily-annoyed Bruce Arians.

Seattle’s only scheduled 10 AM kickoff remains the week 14 (December 10th) game at the Jacksonville Jaguars. If you’re really optimistic, this could be an important enough matchup to move to the 1:25 PM FOX doubleheader slot, or even Sunday Night Football (Ravens at Steelers is the current game listed).