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Branden Albert rebuffs Seahawks offer, leaves Seattle

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Tackle Branden Albert may want to play football again, but apparently he doesn’t want it that bad. Albert was in Seattle for a bit meeting with the Seahawks but has left without a contract even though he reportedly received a deal.

The Seahawks are desperately looking for help on the offensive line, working out several players recently and then bringing in the free agent Albert for a longer look. But the money for Seattle isn’t quite there (less than $2 million in cap room) so Albert may just be looking for a bigger cash-in if this is his final season.

Albert was traded from the Miami Dolphins to the Jacksonville Jaguars in March, then retired in July, then said he might return a week later, then was released by the Jags in August. He remains unsigned but at this point could give the New York Giants a shot, fresh off their first win of the season and hosting Seattle on Sunday.

For now, the Seahawks will keep Rees Odhiambo at left tackle even though he may be the worst at that position in the league. And why should he be anything better? No offense to Rees, but there was no plan in place for Odhiambo to be the starting left tackle for a whole season. He was a third round pick in 2016, a guard, and then suddenly the only viable option (for Pete Carroll) after George Fant tore his ACL. The team could still explore a trade for the disgruntled Duane Brown of the Houston Texans, but if he doesn’t like the contract he has with his current team, why should he like an offer from a team that couldn’t get Albert to sign the dotted line?