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Russell Wilson’s 10 TDs in 4 games is 2nd-best such stretch of career

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Wilson’s numbers against the Giants on Sunday weren’t as good as they could have been. Wilson was dominant in his performance — 27-of-39, 334 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs — but drops and a bad offensive pass interference call killed a who-knows-what supreme finish above what he actually ended with. So let’s focus on the “What is” instead of the “What if?”

Overall, Wilson now has 11 touchdowns and three interceptions through six games this season, with a passer rating of 96.1, 63.6% completions, and 7.17 Y/A.

Last season, Wilson had just five touchdowns through six games, though he had fewer interceptions (one) and a higher Y/A (7.53). That being said, I think his 11 touchdowns this season is a much more encouraging rise than any of the other numbers being lower. As the Seahawks have won three games in a row to get to 4-2, Wilson has thrown for six touchdowns, which came on the heels of four touchdowns in a loss to the Titans.

That’s 10 touchdowns over four games, which is the second-highest in a four-game stretch since his torrid stretch at the end of 2015. During that run he had 16 touchdowns between Week 11-Week 14. Technically he also had 16 touchdowns between Week 12-Week 15 because he also had three touchdowns in Week 15, like he did in Week 11. Then he had 13 touchdowns from Week 13-Week 16, as well as from Week 14-Week 17. However, that’s all over a single crazy seven-game stretch in which he had 24 touchdowns and one interception.

And Cam Newton was considered the “obvious” MVP to so many that year ...

Wilson had seven touchdowns and three interceptions over the first six games of 2015, and he threw at least one touchdown in every game that season.

He had 10 touchdowns and two interceptions to open 2014.

He had eight touchdowns and four interceptions to start 2013.

And eight touchdowns, six interceptions to start his career in 2012.

In some ways this is not the best start of Wilson’s career, but in others it totally is. Wilson is historically great in November and December, so to get through the first eight or nine games with solid numbers could mean that we’re in store for the best season of his already-fantastic body of work.