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Seahawks-Texans: Justin Britt likely to dress regardless of whether his ankle allows him to start

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams
Justin Britt could miss his second career game today due to an ankle injury.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday came and went without the Seattle Seahawks making a roster move, which is not unexpected as the team was not anticipated to make any moves. However, it does shine some light on the game time injury decision the team faces regarding Justin Britt and his availability as the team’s center for Sunday’s showdown with the Texans.

Most fans are aware that Britt suffered an ankle injury in the game against the New York Giants which led to him missing practice for most of the week. As noted above, and as Kenny noted (Friday?), Britt is slated to be a gametime decision, but whether or not he plays the fact that the team did not make a roster move on Saturday means that he is very likely to at least be active.

The reason the lack of a transaction is noteworthy is the simple fact that if Britt does not dress that would leave Pocic as the only center on the 46-man gameday roster. Such a situation could put the team in a very precarious situation if Pocic were to start and then suffer some kind of injury.

This means the lack of a transaction means that Britt should either start or, at a minimum, be available to come in as an injury replacement if he does not start. That seems to indicate that his injury, while enough to possibly keep him off the field this week, will not be significant enough to stop him from playing in the coming weeks.