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Sam’s Film Room: How worried should the Seahawks be about Todd Gurley and the Rams

Edit: If the video above does not play, please click “Watch on YouTube” or follow this link.

Before I dive into some Seattle Seahawks film later this week, I wanted to do a quick breakdown of Todd Gurley’s longest play from the LA Rams’ win over the Dallas Cowboys. In this video, I explained how Gurley was used on a passing play that resulted in a long 53-yard touchdown.

It’s clear that new head coach Sean McVay is turning around the Rams offense by playing to their strengths, using guys like Tavon Austin in misdirection and Gurley in the passing game; So far this season, Gurley has collected almost 600 total yards (362 passing, 234 rushing).

While Seattle struggled to consistently stop Carlos Hyde and DeMarco Murray from breaking a big play, they played very well against Frank Gore and the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. This level of preparation will be extra important versus a team like the Rams, who love using motions and window dressings to trick an opposing defense.

I would strongly consider using the Denver Broncos’ approach and how they shut down the run versus the Dallas Cowboys. The Broncos loaded the box with an extra defender and essentially forced Dak Prescott to beat them through the air and while this is certainly aggressive, I think the Seahawks secondary can beat the LA offense using this approach, especially with their recently discovered pass rush via Sheldon Richardson.

Note: I will be looking at some secondary play later this week. Follow me on Twitter @SamuelRGold for my latest updates!