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49ers trade 2018 2nd-round pick to Patriots for Jimmy Garoppolo

Atlanta Falcons v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks weren’t the only NFC West team making a major splash in the trade market, as the San Francisco 49ers shipped their 2018 2nd-round pick to the New England Patriots for backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. This certainly came out of nowhere.

While Garoppolo is heading to the Niners, Brian Hoyer is heading for the unemployment line after being benched by 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan. Rookie quarterback C.J. Beathard has started San Francisco’s last two games, and the 49ers have scored a whopping 20 points with him at the helm.

We’ve seen teams acquire Tom Brady’s backups before, and I think the numbers on Matt Cassel, Ryan Mallett, and Brian Hoyer tell you everything you need to know about how those guys panned out. Garoppolo has thrown all of 94 passes in his career, and most of them were last season when he started two games in Brady’s Deflategate-related absence.

By the way, the Patriots do not have a backup quarterback on the roster. They don’t even have a QB on the practice squad, so obviously they’ve got a void to fill. I hear Brian Hoyer is available...