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Seaside Chats: Luka Jones talks LA Rams and why it’s okay to switch team allegiances

NBCUniversal's 'Up All Night' TCA Set Visit Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

What is an “acceptable” reason to be a fan of a team? Because you were born there? Your favorite player is on that team? Their stadium is sponsored by your favorite food? If there was anything that most people agree on, it’s because it’s your “hometown team.”

Then it just comes down to what your definition of “hometown” is.

For actor/improvisor Luka Jones (TBS’s People of Earth), that means rooting for the teams that play in the city you live in, or nearby to where you live. Jones was born near Chicago, so at first he was a Bears fan. Then he moved to Denver and became a Broncos fan. After a stint at the University of Kansas, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, which opened up the door for him to remain a Broncos fan since the NFL was not in LA.

That obviously changed in 2016. Jones talks about that and much more in this hourlong interview about sports, fandom, and (somewhat) the Rams, who play the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday at 1:05 PM PST.

Follow Luka on Twitter @LukaJones and listen to his podcast TAPPED on Feral, co-hosted by Mary Holland and Casey Feigh.

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We’ve got a bonus episode on Thursday!