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Seahawks drive recap, Week 4: Things finally start to click against the Colts

Indianapolis Colts v Seattle Seahawks
Loving Willson and Baldwins new tango TD celebration
Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks found their blowout victory once again. Thank you, Indianapolis Colts! After some hard fought losses and a too-close win against the Niners, it felt great to watch this team play like many of us thought they would. Also, I have compiled the season-to-date stats, which will be discussed at the end of the article.


Offense Failed Drives

Stat Result
Stat Result
Number 4
Drives 2, 3, 4, 7
Yards/drive 16.5
First downs/drive 1.00
Conversions 2/5
T.o.P/drive 2:11

The Seahawks offense had just four Failed Drives against the Colts. But these drives were marked improvements from the failed drives earlier this season. They gained an average of one first down per drive and 16.5 yards. Also, the only failed drive of the second half was the Wilson Jimmy Graham interception. If Graham catches that like we know he can, that’s likely another Successful or Money Drive. Every offense is going to sputter at times, but this was the best sputtering yet.

Offense Successful Drives

Stat Result
Stat Result
Number 2
Drives 1, 5
Yards/Drive 47
First downs/drive 2.00
Conversions 1/2
T.o.P 1:45

The offense had two Successful Drives and, yes, I am including the missed field goal as a successful drive. Seattle’s offense moved the ball 56 yards into a very makable field goal range. Blair Walsh missing the kick is not the offense’s fault and I will not penalize them for it. The Seahawks earned two first downs per drive which is actually the worst performance on the season for successful drives. This shows me that the big play was alive and well in this game.

Offense Money Drives

Stat Result
Stat Result
Number 4
Drives 6, 8, 9, 10
Yards/Drive 79.25
First downs/drive 4.25
Conversion % 8/9
T.o.P 5:00

Seattle’s last 5 drives: TD, INT, TD, TD, TD. The fact that the last TD came on a deep shot on 3rd and short is just fantastic. I am a big fan of running up the score in professional football. Those extra points are going to be really important when the AP Top 25 is released. The Money Drives this week lasted an average of five minutes and traversed nearly 80 yards of field position. That’s a fantastic performance against any defense. If the offense can have just 75% of this performance against the Rams, I am confident we are walking out of that stadium with a W.


Defense Failed Drives

Stat Result
Stat Result
Number 8
Drives 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11
Yards/drive 12.25
First downs/drive 0.625
Conversions 2/8
T.o.P 1:58

Eight Failed Drives matches a season high (set against the Niners). Starting the game with forcing four Failed Drives and ending it with three more is always fun to see. The Colts managed just 12.25 yards per failed drive and under 1 first down per failed drive. Most exciting, of course, is the two defensive scores. I doubt that kind of defensive scoring performance is sustainable, but the INTs and forced fumbles could be here to stay.

Defense Successful Drives

Stat Result
Stat Result
Number 1
Drives 8
Yards/Drive 2
First downs/drive 0
Conversions 0/1
T.o.P 0:56

I don’t love calling a 2-yard FG drive a successful drive, but I don’t make the rules. Anyways, I think avoiding a turnover and staying in field goal range are successes, just extremely tepid ones. I wouldn’t hate calling this a failed drive, but I am remiss to introduce subjectivity into my charting method. What say you, commentariat?

Defense Money Drives

Stat Result
Stat Result
Number 2
Drives 5, 6
Yards/Drive 67.5
First downs/drive 4.5
Conversions 5/5
T.o.P 5:05

The Seahawks gave up two Money Drives this week, but that is no reason to panic. The worst offense in the NFL last year (the LA Rams) scored an average of 14 points a game. It is tough to prevent 14 points a game, even against bad defenses. The defense was not perfect but allowing just two TD drives is perfectly acceptable.


This was a great performance on both sides of the ball. The slow starts are absolutely frustrating, but what matters most is the score at the end of the game and 46-18 is a great victory against any NFL team. Remember, even the 2013 Super Bowl Champions needed a goalline stand beat the Rams in a 14-9 slugfest. The improvements have been happening week by week and hopefully they carry over to next week.

Season to date

Season Drive Stats

Offense Number Yards/drive 1st downs Conversions Mean T.o.P
Offense Number Yards/drive 1st downs Conversions Mean T.o.P
Failed Drives 25 8.48 0.52168 4/28 1:47
Successful Drives 9 54 3 8/14 1:58
Money Drives 10 74.3 4.2 15/17 3:41
Total Drives 44 32.75 1.864590909 27/69 2:15
Defense Number Yards/drive 1st downs Conversions Mean T.o.P
Failed Drives 28 12.60714286 0.75 6/33 2:14
Successful Drives 9 49.55666667 2.444444444 9/17 3:08
Money Drives 8 58.875 3.25 7/7 3:19
Total Drives 45 28.22244444 1.533333333 22/67 2:36

For the first time in this series’ illustrious history we have season to date stats. I don’t have any idea of how informative these will be at the end of the season, let alone now. However, I have the tables and therefore so do y’all. It is weird how the offensive and defensive results mirror each other. The Seahawks have had the same number of Successful Drives and more Money Drives then they have allowed. Unfortunately, opposing teams have been better at converting those Money and Successful Drives into points. Something I might add in the future is a points/drive metric to quantify that. Also, I definitely read the comments so leave any suggestions there.