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NFL Week 5, Early Games Thread: The battles for inferiority

Indianapolis Colts v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Who is the worst team in the NFL?

The winless are the Browns, Chargers, Giants, and 49ers. Two of those teams play each other this morning, with the Chargers at the Giants. A considerable loss by one to the other will say a ton about the loser’s odds of getting the first overall pick next year, though LA and New York do seem like very talented teams for being 0-4.

Meanwhile, two teams that were expected to be amongst the worst in the NFL are the Colts (31st in DVOA) and they’re hosting the 49ers (28th in DVOA). Even without Andrew Luck, you’d think they could be better than hapless San Francisco, but at least the Niners have remained consistently competitive in the last three weeks. Indy got a win over Cleveland but that can’t count for much. They got blown out by LAR and Seattle.

The Jets were expected to be the worst team in the league by many, but they’re actually 2-2 and it seems like all of their offseason subtractions “to get worse” have actually been additions that made them better. NYJ is 25th in DVOA and they’re in Cleveland today to take on the team that is 32nd in DVOA. Is this the Browns — now with first overall pick Myles Garrett in the mix — best shot to get a win this season?

Also playing in the early games is the Miami Dolphins (1-2, 30th in DVOA) and Cincinnati Bengals (1-3, 19th in DVOA). The Dolphins host the Titans, the Bengals host the Bills, both tough games for those teams to win perhaps, even at home.

The other early games are Jags at Steelers, Panthers at Lions, and Cardinals at Eagles. Will Arizona join the mix of teams to watch potentially flounder for the rest of the season? Talk about it here.