Seahawks were involved in a lot of draft pick trades... what do they still have?

Starting with the pick swap surrounding the trade of Lynch's contract rights to Oakland, the Seahawks have participated in a lot of draft trades. This included a lot of back-and-forth trades of 5th rounders and 7th rounders. To provide clarity, I wanted to walk through the steps in each of these trades, to illustrate what picks the Seahawks will have by the time next offseason rolls around.

Prior to the Lynch trade, we were set to have a single pick in each round. We are not expected to have any compensatory picks next year and we had no draft penalties or lingering after effects of 2017 draft pick trades, so that is the starting point. For purposes of terminology, I will be keeping track of which teams' draft picks are being trades in the format of "5-SEA" referring to Seahawks' natural 5th round pick, or "6-KC(C)" referring to Kansas City's 6th round compensatory pick.

1. Trade Lynch to Oakland. Lose 6-SEA. Lose Lynch. Gain 5-OAK.

2. Trade with Philidelphia for Tobin. Lose 5-SEA. Gain 7-PHI. Gain Matt Tobin.

3. Trade with Jets for Richardson. Lose 2-SEA. Lose 7-SEA. Lose Kearse. Gain 7-NYJ. Gain Richardson.

4. Trade with New England for Coleman. Lose 7-PHI. Gain Coleman. (Credit John Gilbert)

5. Trade Brock to Minnesota. Lose Brock. Gain 7-MIN.

6. Trade Marsh to New England. Lose Marsh. Gain 5-NE. Gain 7-PHI (credit John Gilbert).

7. Trade with Houston for Brown. Lose 3-SEA. Lose (2019) 2-SEA. Gain 5-HOU. Gain Brown.

So, in draft total we lost 1 2nd, 1 3rd, 1 5th, 1 6th, and 2 7ths. In draft total we gained 3 5ths and 4 7ths. Interesting quirk, we have actually added a single draft pick overall, but obviously our overall draft value has substantially diminished, with 6 of 8 in the last 100 of the draft.

Until the beginning of free agency again, the Seahawks draft selections would therefore be thus:

1,4,5-OAK,5-HOU,5-NE,7-NYJ,7-MIN,7-PHI; or more simply - one 1st, one 4th, three 5ths, and 3 7ths. The Seahawks are unable to trade to alter these selections until free agency starts, so at least for fan purposes this makes it easier for us since these picks are, for now, stagnant. Pete Carroll is highly likely to trade back with his 1st for multiple 2nd and 3rd round picks, but I'm not here to talk about those trades, just to track and describe what the Seahawks ACTUALLY have right now.

Thanks John for your comments below that answer the question about which 7th rounder we still have!

I hope you all found this enlightening!