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Richard Sherman didn’t hold back his thoughts on Tyrod Taylor’s (brief) benching

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Chargers
It doesn’t say so in the caption, but I assume Peterman was intercepted.
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills made the curious decision to bench quarterback Tyrod Taylor in favor of rookie fifth-round pick Nathan Peterman. Taylor played poorly against the New Orleans Saints, but he’s largely been a steady, if not above-average performer since arriving in Buffalo. Nathan Peterman is... a guy.

Still in the playoff hunt at 5-4, the Bills entrusted Peterson to lead them to a road win against the Los Angeles Chargers. Peterman threw a touchdown with his third pass of the game... except it was to the Chargers. By halftime, he’d thrown five interceptions, two more than Taylor has thrown all season. Rookie or not, you have to be really bad to toss five picks in fourteen passes.

Guess who’s in the game for Buffalo right now? Tyrod Taylor! He exited last week’s game down 40-3, and he entered this week’s game down 37-7.

Richard Sherman isn’t one to shy away from an opinion on damn near anything, and the Bills benching Taylor for all of 30 minutes is no exception. Just enjoy this little three-tweet compilation.

It’s ridiculous how poorly the Bills have handled their offense, and as a fan of Taylor, I’d rather he be elsewhere (in the AFC, of course!) and not wasting his best years on a team that last made the playoffs in the 20th century. I am admittedly disappointed that Peterman did get hooked before the second-half, because it would’ve been amazing to see a QB try and go for double-digit interceptions in a single game.