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Seahawks-Falcons: Seattle ran a fake field goal for some reason, and it went horribly wrong

I don’t understand why they did this, I hate that it was run, and I hate that in a close game such as this one, the Seattle Seahawks willingly attempted a fake field goal to close out the first half of their Monday night matchup against the Atlanta Falcons. With the score 24-17 and with Seattle getting the ball to start the second half, you’d figured Seattle would kick the field goal and most likely go into the locker room down 24-20.

Instead, Jon Ryan took the snap and flipped it to Luke Willson, who was immediately destroyed by Grady Jarrett.

Carroll’s response, according to ESPN sideline reporter Lisa Salters, was that they were trying to score and try to take a shot. Okay.

Seattle kicked a field goal on its first possession of the 2nd half, and currently trail 24-20. It’d sure be good to be trailing just 24-23 instead.