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NFL moves Seahawks’ only 10 AM game back to 1:25 PM

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

“How many 10 AM games?” is a constant area of talk and concern for Seattle Seahawks fans, but this year brought a fortunate lack of disgruntled-ness because the NFL only gave the team one such contest. Consider that 10 AM kickoff time ... no more!

The NFL has moved the Seahawks Week 14 game in Jacksonville against the Jaguars from 10 AM PST to 1:25 PM PST.

That means that Seattle will likely have zero 10 AM games and their body clocks will all be set to “afternoon” at least in all 16 regular season games. At 7-4 and a rough schedule ahead (PHI, @ JAX, LARMs, @ DAL, AZ), the Seahawks need as many advantages — or removal of disadvantages — as they can get. A road game in Jacksonville may have not seemed all that difficult a few months ago, but the Jags have the number one pass defense in the NFL and could certainly make it a long day when the teams face off in a little less than two weeks.

At least it will be a long day into the night instead of a long day into the day.