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Seahawks offensive line: Every Russell Wilson dropback against the 49ers

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Since acquiring Duane Brown, the numbers show that Seattle’s pass protection has dramatically improved. Sunday’s game was arguably their best yet, with the Seahawks’ offensive line ranking third in the NFL in pass blocking efficiency in week 12.

How did they do it? Below I will show every Russell Wilson dropback against the 49ers. Due to time constraints, I did not number the plays or calculate pressure rate myself, but for people interested in seeing the plays, below is a four-minute video.

Quick observations:

  1. On most plays, Justin Britt’s assignment looks to be helping out Ethan Pocic.
  2. The exceptions to #1 tended to be when DeForest Buckner was lined up over Luke Joeckel. Buckner gave the Seahawks fits when the two teams played earlier this year, so credit to Seattle for adjusting and giving him extra attention.
  3. The left side of Brown and Joeckel had more difficulty with stunts than the right side did, but this is the first time those two have played together, so it might just take some time.
  4. Even with the offensive line playing better, Russell Wilson still bailed them out a few times.

What else do you notice? Let us know in the comments section below!