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Michael Bennett, Sheldon Richardson could be suspended for their actions in Seahawks’ loss to Jaguars

Seattle Seahawks v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks defense had a chance to get the ball back for Russell Wilson to work one last shot at a game-winning drive. Depleted and pushed around on the defensive line when healthy, they allowed Leonard Fournette to ice the game with a 13-yard run on 3rd and 11, putting Fournette over 100 yards on the day. Seattle was down to one timeout, so the game was a wrap.

Then things got way out of hand.

With Jacksonville in victory formation, three penalties were handed out after a fight broke out on Blake Bortles’ first kneeldown. Leonard Fournette was penalized for the Jaguars, while Sheldon Richardson and Michael Bennett had their own personal foul penalties. Nobody is going to pay attention to Fournette’s call, because Sheldon Richardson got tossed for throwing a punch at the rookie running back, and Bennett rather despicably rolled up on center Brandon Linder’s knees after the play was over, which was what set Fournette off.

Quinton Jefferson got tossed on the next play, and he nearly climbed up into the stands to confront Jaguars fans who were throwing things at him.

Jacksonville fans evidently have a thing for throwing objects at Seahawks players, because Tyler Lockett got struck in the back on his touchdown.

Bennett and Richardson figure to be in trouble, perhaps Bennett more so than Richardson, as we’ve seen players get ejected for throwing a punch and come away with just a fine. This is hardly a first-time offense for Bennett in terms of starting fights when the other team is in kneeldown mode, and given the state of the Seahawks defense (even more so following the injuries to Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright), the last thing you want is important players risking suspension because of tempers flaring up in the final minute of a done and dusted game.

The Seattle Seahawks play the Los Angeles Rams next Sunday in what is just about the NFC West championship game. A Seahawks win puts them back in first-place, a loss realistically kills their division hopes and depending on other results, may be a season-ender. All of the praise from last week’s win over the Philadelphia Eagles will soon be replaced by the ugly scenes in Jacksonville, not just from Seahawks players, but the behavior of the Jaguars fans.