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Eric Dickerson: Ezekiel Elliott says he’ll rush for 200 yards against the Seahawks

Kansas City Chiefs v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott returns from his six-game suspension next week, and it just so happens that his first opponent will be the Seattle Seahawks. Depending on how results play, Seattle could potentially clinch the NFC West, and Dallas could already be mathematically eliminated, or it becomes a de facto wild card race eliminator for both teams.

Seattle’s run defense had tightened up considerably in October and November, only to capitulate against the Jacksonville Jaguars last Sunday. Dallas has one of the best offensive lines in the NFL, and Elliott is already one of the top rushers in the league. It’ll be a stern test for Seattle’s defense, especially if the injuries to Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright are multi-game ones.

NFL legend and Fox Sports contributor Eric Dickerson spoke with TMZ Sports about his recent conversation with Elliott, and revealed that Zeke has got big goals for when he does play Seattle.

"Me and him have a personal bet when he comes back,” Dickerson said. “He said he's going to get 200 yards in his return. I told him no, you’re not going to get 200 yards.

“So the bet is -- if he gets 200 yards, I have to give him a jersey, one of my jerseys. It's going to be one of my special jerseys I played in. If he doesn't get 200 yards he has to give me the jersey he played in, so that’s our bet. And if he does, then I have to wear a jersey on-air at some time."

Elliott’s career-high is 159 yards against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2016, while his season-high is 150 yards against Washington, which was his second-most recent game before he began serving his ban.

Seattle did give up 195 yards rushing against the Tennessee Titans in September, and also had a two-game stretch in 2013 where they allowed 200+ yards on both occasions, but they haven’t allowed an individual player to rush for 200 since Frank Gore’s 207 in the dreaded 2009 campaign.

Let’s just hope the Seahawks run defense can contain Todd Gurley this weekend, never mind Ezekiel Elliott.