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Seahawks have historically bad first-half against the Rams

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr /Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks had the chance to take back first-place in the NFC West by beating the Los Angeles Rams. According to my calculations, they’ll have to outscore the Rams by 35 points in the second-half to do this.

Yes, Seattle is trailing 34-0 at halftime to the Rams. Thirty-four to NOTHING. And it’s a scoreline that is kind to the Seahawks.

Tanner McEvoy fumbled on the third play from scrimmage.

Jimmy Graham dropped a first-down on what was a 1st and 20 play.

Russell Wilson has been sacked four times, including two fumbles (one lost).

Pharaoh Cooper has 109 yards in punt returns, including 53 yards on one runback.

Todd Gurley has 144 yards rushing and three touchdowns, including a 57-yard score on 3rd and 20 after Seattle ridiculously called timeout late in the half.

The Rams have not punted once and haven’t come remotely close to having to punt.

With the season on the line, Seattle has melted at home. This is the third-largest halftime deficit in the history of Seahawks home games. It’s the largest ever halftime lead on the road for the Rams.

It’s bad, folks. It’s really bad.