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Sam’s Film Room: Why the Seahawks offense collapsed vs the Rams

Edit: If the video above does not play, please click “Watch on YouTube” or follow this link.

The Seattle Seahawks were slaughtered on Sunday going down 27-0 to the Los Angeles Rams in the first half. It was turnover after turnover, sack after sack, and really ineptitude in every aspect of this game. For this video, I wanted to look at the key reasons why Seattle’s offense collapsed during this game, sending the Seahawks to a 42-7 loss and on the brink of being eliminated from the playoffs.

Here are my key takeaways:

  1. Pressure and penalties stopped drives
  2. Russell Wilson didn’t play well
  3. Aaron Donald dominated the line of scrimmage
  4. Mike Davis couldn’t find holes to run the ball
  5. Three fumbles: Tanner McEvoy (1), Russell Wilson (2)
  6. Seahawks’ special teams gave up great field position
  7. Poor run defense in stopping Todd Gurley

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