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How the Seahawks can make the playoffs

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks beat the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday to improv to 9-6 with one week to go. The LA Rams clinched the NFC West, so the only way for the Seahawks to get in and make the playoffs for the sixth straight season is as the six seed. Here’s what they need to do:

First, the Seahawks need to beat the Arizona Cardinals at home next week to improve to 10-6.

If the Seahawks win, then they’ll need the Atlanta Falcons to lose at home to the Carolina Panthers, dropping them to 9-7. That would put Seattle into the postseason and heading on the road to face either the Rams, Panthers, or New Orleans Saints. If the two teams finish with identical records, Atlanta is in because of the head-to-head victory over Seattle.

If the Seahawks lose next week, there’s no scenario for them to get into the postseason. They’ll be out.

If the Seahawks tie, they’ll go to 9-6-1, whereas if the Falcons lose, they’ll be 9-7, and Seattle would hold the half-game advantage.

Dallas is out. Detroit is out. Soak it in, Seahawks fans, you have at least one more week of hope and intrigue.