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Seaside Chats: Sarah Colonna on football, comedy, and marrying into the NFL

GBK Luxury Sports Lounge, Prior To The ESPY Awards Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for GBK Productions

This week on Seaside Chats, I had the wonderful opportunity to marry my two biggest podcast loves together: Comedians coming on to talk about football - and - anyone coming on to talk about the Seahawks.

That’s because the guest on Wednesday, Sarah Colonna, is both a comedian (Chelsea Lately, Netflix’s Insatiable in 2018) and a Seahawks fan ... a Seahawks fan through marriage.

As many “Seahawks Twitter” users already know, Colonna is married to Seattle punter Jon Ryan. The two met via Twitter (and Seahawks fan/TV personality Ross Mathews) and began dating in 2014, right around the time that Ryan helped Seattle win the Super Bowl. Colonna talks about what it was like to be courted by a player who had just won the Super Bowl, where she was when Ryan threw a critical touchdown pass in the 2014 NFC Championship, and the other experiences she’s had as the wife of an NFL player for the last few years.

Plus some insights from her on what Ryan went through as he prepared for American Ninja Warrior, the injuries he’s suffered recently, and how to avoid Twitter during games when it’s absolutely necessary. If you don’t already, you must start following her on Twitter immediately @SarahColonna.

Just don’t do what Joe Buck did and joke that Jon Ryan isn’t a real athlete.