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Sam’s Film Room: Doug Baldwin’s big catch vs the Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr /Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks shocked the football world by upsetting the 10-1 Philadelphia Eagles. Going into this game, the Eagles were a six-point favorite at CenturyLink Field. One of the big plays that helped counter Philadelphia's aggressive defense happened in the third quarter. Here’s the play:

Seattle was up 10-3 on a third and long, while the Eagles' defense played Cover 0 in the secondary. This means that they blitzed everyone not directly covering the Seahawks' receivers in man coverage. Wilson took the snap from shotgun and realized he was under duress immediately. Philadelphia simply rushed more men than he had blockers to protect him. Smartly, Wilson didn't panic. He threw the ball deep down the sideline giving Doug Baldwin a chance at the reception.

Looking at the replay, you can see that Baldwin ran a corner route from a trips look on the left side of the field. He stemmed his route perfectly inside and then cut hard outside versus Rodney McLeod. He then did a fantastic job of tracking the pass over his shoulder after Wilson released the ball.

Initially, this was called a touchdown, but it's clear that his foot barely skimmed the sideline out-of-bounds. In my opinion, this was just an incredible display of awareness by Wilson and a great adjustment by Baldwin to track this pass for the 48 yard gain. The Seahawks would score a touchdown three plays later on a crossing route to Tyler Lockett.

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